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This is the 2nd row house for my western town of Calamity and I finished it off over the weekend. I tried out a couple of different techniques and materials but overall the build is almost the same as the first row house I built. Primary components are; foamed PVC sheets and commercial parts for the doors and windows. I used a wood shingle for the roof which lent itself to slightly different style of weathering than I use on a paper or cardstock shingle. I'm still up in the air on the usefulness of chipping fluid to create chipped paint and a lot of the chips are actually painted on. Another completed build for Calamity. Here are some pictures of the build along with links to the relevant sections of my blog. If you dig a little bit you can find the blog posts for the 1st version of the row house.
















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Nice building.


I love it when people create something like this from some foam and parts.


Wish i had more room to try this too.

I can barely display my minis let alone a town, ( ooh I want a Gothic Graveyard..luckily Bones III is coming for me)

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That's excellent!  The wood shingles look perfect--shape, style, and weathering.  For the walls, are you just (ha, "just" he says) scoring the paper and denting for the wood grain?


The walls aren't paper its a material called foamed PVC and it comes in sheets. It cuts easier than sheet plastic and I can still use my plastruct weld liquid cement on it. I score the planks with a knife blade and then the wood grain with a razor saw.



LOOKIN' GOOD! Your creation has an authentic Old West feel to it...a GREAT build, BEAUTIFULLY painted. OUTSTANDING WORK!

Making some curtains for the windows would eliminate the need to do interior details.



I need the interior details, where are all my cowboys and civilian types going to hide during gun battles? I'm actually contemplating interior lighting for some of these buildings as well. I just have to figure out how to make kerosene lantern and lamps.

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I have checked all the usual suspects for lighting. Getting lights and how to do it isn't the problem its installing them into something that looks at least somewhat appropriate for the period. All I have been able to find at this point is some rather expensive pewter castings that would require me to both install lighting and make replace the pewter with glass or plastic where necessary. I'm messing around with beads right now.

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Where did you get the windows and doors?


For this set of buildings I used windows and doors from Grandt Line from their S Scale architectural line. Basically any window with the right dimensions will work regardless of scale, doors can be a bit trickier. Tichy Train Group also makes a line of S Scale doors and windows that I have used on occasion.

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