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good job.  I remember one of my first D&D characters was a Cleric, who I played with a German accent...when we were very low level and walking through a forest, we ended up getting caught in some spider webs, and my character was pretty much useless from the outset (I failed, hard on all my saves and checks); so when my turn came around, my entire turn pretty much consisted of <rolls dice> "Ach!!! Dee Schpiders!  DEE SCHPIDERS!!!"

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      Here are a trio I painted up quickly for the same encounter as the smaller ones - result is a bit cartoony but serviceable. I think I got the eyes on the purple one to look nice and insecty though - used red with a pale green metallic thinned down over it.

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      Here's the creepiest mini I own, and my wife's least favorite!  

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      The Pumpkin Spiders guard the Holy Patches, protecting their charges from the heretics known as "Pumpkin Smashers". When not dealing out the Wrath of the Great Pumpkin, they also look after the pilgrims who sit in the Patch, providing them with Reeses Pieces and covering the sleepy ones with Security Blankets...

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      I based my paint job of this little guy off of the peacock jumping spider (spoilered because spider):
      I'm very happy with how he turned out, even though it took me three times longer to paint him than I'd planned; painting freehand on a textured, curved surface is hard!




      You can see the orange strip here, though my camera is making it look more red than it actually is.



      Group shot!
      Peter spider wants to party too! Sir Forscale and Ruff the wolf don't seem real keen on this idea, though.

      This is the figure I painted for Day 5 of my "paint one mini per day all of November" challenge.
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      --OneBoot :D
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