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Secret Weapon Washes


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Hey folks,

I just got 2 bottles of Secret Weapon Washes, Soft body Black, and Stone, and I am wondering if people use it straight from the bottle, or thin it.


If you are thinning it, what with? The Les B. You Tube stuff shows him mixing it up with just flow improver and Matte Medium, so I wonder if adding water is a good, bad, or indifferent idea.


Can some anyone relate their experiences with this stuff please?





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I make my own based on Les' recipes, but they can be used straight, or diluted.  I use a 10:1 water:medium mix usually, and just dilute to the intensity I need.  Matte medium is used when I need a little more control and want the color to stick to the high points; this is more of a glaze than a wash.


Wash:  pools in the deeper areas.


Glaze:  doesn't pool, you want a thin layer to tint the area.

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