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Frostgrave Terrain: Seeking Input


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Awright, peoples, I want your input.

I work with a lovely bunch of people, but my Secret Santa... well... has a thing for dollar stores. This was given to me as a sort of joke at work... "Yo, dawg, I heard you like dragons, so I put a dragon in your dragon so you can dragon while you dragon..."

Now, far be it from me to speak ill of a gift giver, but this thing is awful.

8707728ae6dfeb87587a45d749a9699a.jpg ... but it occurred to me that it could make a fine piece of Frostgrave terrain. The sponge cube in the background, below the French nut, is about an inch by an inch. Anyone have any ideas as to what I can do with this?

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Oooohhh! The endless possibilities! What a wonderful thing for terrain purposes!


I would consider making it some sort of multi-level temple structure, covering over the tops of the two skulls with flooring, making them some sort of alter/sacrifice areas. Then construct a staircase, or ladders leading up to those levels.


Then I would pry the gems out, paint the whole thing like stone, and then glue the gem eyes back in.


If you wanted to put it on a base, then I would consider breaking it up a little; snapping the top of a wing off and perhaps a horn and gluing the broken bits around on the base to give it the real ruined looked.

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Another idea would be a place like in King Kong where they tie the girl as an appeasement sacrifice to the giant ape; except this would be a place to tie two victims as appeasement sacrifices to some fierce dragon that plagued the city. Put a floor and a pole to tie victims to on the top of each skull. And perhaps some skeletal remains scattered about.

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That thing is so awful it's AWESOME!!! man you could do so much with it


I totally agree with dragon altar type idea - and making it look like stone. You could even add a couple 'ruined' walls, with a bit intact, to the sides, making it look like it was once a more imposing structure or temple. You could make mystery liquid (or blood) flowing out of the cups. Maybe have one knocked down and broken? Depending on what the material is that it's made out of I think you could do a lot ala "ancient decaying altar/temple".


you could put a bone pile in one (or both) of the cups. I'd fill it - top it off with a piece of paper or cardboard or plasticard - so it looked like it was completely full, and put the bone pile on top of that. More so it could be seen. You could just put it at the bottom as well, if you wanted a more of a surprise thing going.


love the ladder idea as well. I would be inclined to making it look like skeletons, or make it out of bones maybe, something creepy like that.

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Then I would pry the gems out, paint the whole thing like stone, and then glue the gem eyes back in.

Plus this...

Battery operated tea light under a Reaper Bones flaming sphere in each skull.

And that ink business Froggy mentioned...


Add a bunch of baking soda snow everywhere it will fit and use it for Frostgrave.

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      A thousand years ago, before the Time of Ice, in the city of Felstad, there stood a most unusual statue.

      Bein' as it was built a millenium ago, no one today is sure what it was used for. Some say it was a place for dark and evil sacrifices. Some say it was a place where prophets and evil counsellors held court. Some say it was a place where the wizard kings, bloated in their self importance, sent their heralds to issue forth the day's commands. At least one thinks it was a thing for displaying rather large tea lights, larger than manhole covers and thicker than Italian wedding cakes. No one knows for sure.

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      It began with a gift from a coworker. A gag gift, at that. A dollar store find,  a sort of heavy metal tea light holder. But it was a dragon, and she knew I liked dragons, and she flat out said, "Maybe you can make something out of it." Well, that was a challenge. But, then, I've made things out of weirder things. What COULD I do with this bizarre dorm room decoration thing?

      I inquired of the wise and the learned at the Forums of Reaper, and durned if I didn't get some ideas. It also helped that I've developed an interest in the Frostgrave minis game, a thing I didn't know existed when I first got the candleholder. Hm. Ancient city of wizards and magic, now a frozen ruin of bizarre buildings and ruin and statuary that would confuse Cthulhu. Surely, this would not be that out of place in Frostgrave...

      I set to work.

       First, a coat of black primer. For the life of me, I don't know why they painted the thing silver, but that shiny patina was going to have to go. A simple stony grey would better suit me, and would be simple enough to do quickly and easily -- just go with black, and then drybrush in progressively lighter shades of gray, maybe with some blue here and there, and a touch of white on the corners. The barbecue gargoyle observed impassively as I worked...

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