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Force Awakens SPOILER thread


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I found the movie quite satisfying! Far far more than the prequels.


Being far older, and having seen so many movies since the original trilogy, it was harder to be shocked or surprised by some of the elements. Some you knew was coming and just wondering "When?".


Anyone else noticed the Wilheim Scream? It was subtle, but it was there.


Haven't noticed a 1138 reference nor tons of light saber amputations.


And must all Jedi/Sith go through a whiny little woof phase?

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I really liked it overall.  Like I said in the other thread, the use of real sets and less CGI really sold it.  


Picking some nits:


I'm kind of disappointed they seemed to quickly gloss over the death of a major character.  I also didn't feel as though there was enough time to develop the closeness between he and Rey that seems implied.


Captain Phrasma certainly didn't seem like any big deal that required a known actor to play.  Guessing this changes in 8 and 9?


I'm not sure how I feel about the whole mystery thing about Rey's parentage..


Why did the rebels not leave the base while the attack mission was going on, knowing that if it failed they would all die.. Sure some had to stay behind to help run the op, but they were all still at the same place after the attack (Where the First Order knows how to find them)


Also didn't care for the CGI of Supreme Leader Snoke but I guess I prefer the actor with makeup/Emperor style

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I thought the good parts were really good. The comraderie was there, the heart. All the things the prequals lacked. The pacing seemed a bit rushed at times but altogether a good movie. I think whenever Rey and Finn were on screen it really worked well. Good chemistry.

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So, I don't want any specifics, but I need to know: was it better than the prequels?


(I hated them).

Yes, very much so.


I greatly enjoyed it. My wife really liked it too.


I felt the pacing was great, loved BB8, Rey was amazing, and Kylo was a great villain.


The new cast overall mixed with the old guard and how things when down was perfect IMO.

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It was fun. The biggest problem with the prequels is that they weren''t fun. They tried too hard to make them polished without thinking about what made the original trilogy so good.


I'm going to be really honest here. From a strict standpoint, the original trilogy isn't very good. Uneven pacing, dialog that varies from hokey to outright dumb, and a lot of plot holes. But the movies were so much fun--and the people on the screen having so much fun--that you never really notice. They remembered that here. I was sold on the scene where Finn gets his name. The dialog between him and Poe, the excitement when he gets his first hit, it was palapable.


More than that, it was Star Wars. Chewie, we're home.

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