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Force Awakens SPOILER thread


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Went to SWTFA for the second time yesterday.


I enjoyed it just as much the second time, and in fact the few nitpick nits that I could have extrapolated were LESS noticeable this time, for me.


I still am not overly fond of the the ... [pac man tentacle monster] sequence. But seriously, it's like 4 minutes and I can so easily overlook it. In fact, I had forgotten it was even in the movie until it happened. 


And Maz Kanata was 10x more enjoyable the second time.

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A friend just showed me these great "What If..." videos for Episodes I, II, & III. The guy who does these has great ideas. If I had won the Powerball lottery, I'd pay someone to have these versions made! They're the new canon in my mind.


(Language warning. There's a few F-words tossed around.)




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Saw it for the second time yesterday. In glorious 2D non-IMAX this time. Still enjoyable, and the room was mostly empty (hooray for Monday afternoon screenings!).


One thing I didn't notice the first time was the final scene when we finally see Luke, Luke is standing near a headstone (for Han?). And he still looks like a haggard burnt out hippie with a screw loose.

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So I was watching this cereal commercial and it was advertising glow in the dark decals from star wars.....problem is the song they were playing was "Mars, the Bringer of War by Gustav Holst.



Wut.......I get that they may not have been able to get the rights for the actual Star Wars songs but the Gustav Holst song doesn't fit at all....

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