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There's a lot of old runes and symbols out there. 

The Futharc's are good starting points for mystic writing.


Studying the Japanese Syllabaries (Hiragana and Katakana) can also give insights into creating 'mystic scripts'

Just don't mix them in the same word. 

(Hiragana and Katakana have the same sounds and could in theory be used to represent the same words, but are used for different purposes these days)


Using symbols that are all from the same alphabet tends to give a more 'complete' or 'right' feel of it. 


If you make them up, consider how the symbols would have been created in the story universe.

Runes have mostly lines to make them easy to chisel out or carve.

Cuneiform clearly shows the shape of the stylus used to write with on the clay.

Hiragana is 'soft' and also known as "women's writing", while the Katakana is sharp, angled... Like a swordstroke...


I have too many hobbies and books... 

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