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Using Instant mold- Putty


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Hey folks!


Last month I worked on a Bones Altar of Evil (77139) and was surprised to find that the back was hollow. (Wip here)


As shown in the wip, I used apoxie sculpt with the instant mold to make a 'back side' for the figure.


Last night I was experimenting with the 50% Apoxie Sculpt / Green Stuff mix that Tail spinner talks about in the pinned putty post, and found that this mixture works very well with the instant mold. It goes into the mold well, holds the details, separates easily, and is easily sandable, and the flash was easy to remove with an X-Acto knife.

It is not as brittle as the pure apoxie sculpt, and not as flexible as straight Green Stuff is supposed to be.

It seems to be the best of both worlds for this type of putty use.


So the next time you need to replicate something with Instant Mold, I highly recommend giving this mix a try!



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I have used it with straight GS, a 50% mix of GS and Apoxie Sculpt, and straight Apoxie Sculpt.

Works a treat with all 3.

 One thing I discovered, in the youtube tutorial, they show you how to press the item into the Instant Mold.

I find it better, especially with things that have a flat side, to place that on the table, and push the Instant mold down over it.

This gives you an even flat side when doing your own, that you can either sand flat to, or smooth the putty to, like skreeding concrete or dental plaster in a mold.



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