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Custom 3D Printed Dwarf Paladin

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What material did you use? I have heard some of the materials are as brittle as dried spaghetti. Also, can we get a side by side of some reapers and heroforge?

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Stuff like PLA isn't all that brittle, really. It's not as flexible as ABS, but unless you really abuse it it won't break easily. 

That is assuming that the printer that was used is correctly set up. Print at too low temperature and all bets are off...

(A lot of the bad rep 3D printed objects have gotten is from poorly handled temperatures in the early days)


I'm printing DragonLock terrain pieces (2x2" modules by Fat Dragon Games), and I print mine with 0.8mm thick sidewalls, 0.5mm top and bottom and no internal support structures. I'm pretty certain it will hold up what most gamers will expose them to of abuse.



I just give the stuff a coating of Vallejo gray primer before adding the acrylics paints.

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