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End of Year Paint Binge


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It's that time of year again. I've got a bunch of figures on my desk and I want to move them along. Some of them have been sitting since last winter.  Out with the old and in with the new! 


Here's a quick look at some of what I want to finish by Jan 1, 2016. 







I started yesterday with ones close to completion, 50238: Farrah, Sci Fi Heroine and WGE-205 Harbinger of Khanum from Crocodile Games (laying down).


All in all, it's about 20 figures in 10 days.


And like all my paint binges, everyone is welcome to join in. Post if you're painting, and post pictures as you go.

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I am working on 77376: Minotaur Demon Lord making some changes to him the loin cloth is too thick and he looks like he is wearing a diaper. lol

Ohh I like that one.  He's not in my queue at the moment.  My year end plan is to finish up my Santa mini for Xmas. But I'm stuck on how to base him.  If I were to finish up the Santa, DSM Rabbit Mage, and another figure by the new year I would be ecstatic.  Time to figure out the 3rd mini so I can try to join in on this challenge.

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I'm going to be doing something similar. My brother and his girlfriend are getting minis for Christmas, and they were due to arrive today. I am hoping they'll be in the box when I get home in the am since I have to paint a tardis, 2 weeping angels, and a few other things by Christmas eve....

Will update with pics and play along when I have some!

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 I hope to have something original sculpted and possibly painted by X-mas or shortly thereafter, as it has a moderately-strong X-mas theme to it and loses something in the presentation if not posted in a timely fashion. I'll probably spend all of tomorrow working on it, as it's currently stuck in the armature-on-a-cork stage...

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My next one is going to be 77208: Anwyn. I got my Christmas presents early my mom got me a package from reaper it has over 80 miniatures and 25 paints in it . ::D:

That's a great present you've got a really cool mom!



I don't know how much time I'll have off, (work issues mentioned elsewhere) but I'll give it a go.

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I'm just hoping to finish the tartan on the bust I'm working on...by tomorrow night...Had last night to get some work done, but had a splitting headache and just setting up to paint was bad enough to send me straight to bed. Boo!

Aww, hope your head is feeling better today, Cash. :(


I may jump in near the end; Mr. Boot and I are currently visiting family, but strongly considering going home a few days early so as to get a mini staycation for ourselves. ::):



--OneBoot :D

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    • By Rat13
      Though I have no actual intention of playing until Quarantine 37 is released I went ahead and created a Stargrave crew. Initially this was only an excuse to start planning out the crew and maybe even finalizing a list/crew sheet. Once I had finished filling out the crew sheet however I couldn't help but notice that I probably had all the figures needed for this crew. A quick rifle through my backlog just confirmed my suspicion. Even more interesting though, at least for me, was the rediscovery that I don't own any unpainted Guardsmen with flamers. I had planned to paint one up specifically for this crew but it turns out I don't own any unpainted ones. So before the project even began I've already finished a miniature, talk about speed painting. 
      Armed with the remaining nine figures I decided this would be a nice palette cleansing project. Oh yes, I actually made that joke. It also occurred to me that this would be a great project to try my hand at speed painting too. After a few years of debatably tabletop quality paintjobs I'm eager to see the results I can achieve when I'm trying to paint quickly.  
      One quick note before jumping in, this single post condenses four nights of work all together. 

      Back row from left to right: My Captain, First Mate, Gunner, Burner, Sniper, Grenadier, Runner 1, and Runner 2
      Front row: Recruit 1, and Recruit 2 

      First up was my Captain who needed some conversion work. I'm not exactly worried about WYSIWYG for this particular batch but I figured my Captain deserved the extra "effort". That extra effort being laughable once you see it.  

      A quick snip of the hand, a pin, and some glue completed the conversion. I'm not exactly big into converting but this may just be the lowest effort conversion I've ever done. 

      Painting the Captain proved to be a little more involved but about half a session later I had a nearly finished miniature. The First Mate went even quicker as I chose to go with a limited color scheme.
      Next were my three remaining specialists. My Gunner like the Captain took about half of a painting session with the Sniper and Grenadier taking most of the remaining time. That bit of leftover time wasn't wasted though as Recruit 1 received most of its basecoat.

      My two recruits were finished pretty quickly during tonight's session. The Runners received most of their basecoat but I ended up running out of time tonight. 
    • By thefub
      This is my first "speed paint". I estimate around 2 hours per mini. The sculpts are hit or miss but I think they did a good job with the faces. I learned a bit about speed painting and what I could possibly get away with. I used Uniform Gray primer, a minimal pallet, Quickshade Strong Tone, and added a a bit to a few bases.
      The gray primer I left for anything that was steel and I like the end result. I am working in the Generals (bad guys) now. Most of their sculpts are not that good but the dragon looks pretty good. I will continue with the expansion sets after the base game is painted.

      Sorry for the double post.
    • By TGP
      A thread dedicated to Work In Progress pix of those minis that have sacrificed their surface area to the never ending the quest to find ways of slapping paint on without it looking like absolute rubbish.
      (Some miniatures may be harmed in the making of this thread.) 
      Contents List:
      A Random Space Marine
      A (bugbear?) shaman
      A bloke named Mangu
      To be edited if more be added…...
      TGPTGP, speedpaint, speed paint, color scheme tests
    • By Citrine
      This was a quick speed paint, less than an hour. And I think the Night Spectre (Reaper Bones SKU 77099) turned out looking awesome for the amount of effort put in.

    • By Inarah
      It's that time of year again.  I wasn't able to paint over Memorial Day weekend, so I've bumped it to the next available date. Those of us in the US have a 3 day holiday weekend coming up (July 3-5) and I am challenging you all to join me in a massively multiplayer paint binge!   Everyone is welcome to join, even if you can only paint for one day. 
      The object is to finish as many figures as possible. Quantity counts over quality.  All manufacturers are fair game, posting of WIPs and finished pieces is strongly encouraged. You may prep and prime figures before hand, in fact I recommend it. Get out all those new Bones,  old primed or half painted figures and get ready to finish them! 
      Got an army to finish, need to move some half painted terrain off your desk, want to tackle that dragon for the big figure contest?  Stuck at home because of the virus? Shelf of shame looking a little crowded?  This is the time.  All manufacturers, and 3d print jobs are fair game. 
      Prep and prime your figures now so they are all ready to go Friday morning (or if you're taking a 4 day weekend, Thursday night). Have your camera ready to share photos.  Photos strongly encouraged!  You have until midnight the evening of the 6th to post your progress and be counted in the total. 
      For this holiday there is a special extra challenge: paint with the colors red, white, and blue.  You do not have to use all 3 colors at once or have a patriotic theme. 
      Painting begins at 00:01 July 3 and ends 23:59 July 6, in your time zone.  
      Those of you who video chat are welcome to set up channels.
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