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Continuing the WIP from http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/64819-lexomatics-fall-2015-wip

I'll be working on my shelf of shame minis, trying some bones 2 anhurians, some outstanding hearthstone minis, and maybe some more animals and skeletons, and ice walls and slimes. Also some zombicide crows (as lots of different birds

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My first minis are the crows. Not sure why but that's how it is. I thought I could speed paint a bunch. We'll see.

It's 15 units of 5 birds. So far it's 8 black 4 grey and 3 brown. I'll do mostly crows. A few other dark birds. A few seagulls and some brown birds - it's a shame hawks don't really have large flocks. Maybe I'll change one to be colorful.

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Some more bird pics i'm not going to be rotating them, though.



the pied crow light color is done with dusky skin highlight



All the tropical bird colors are done with my freak flex tints. There's an interesting metallic quality to these. I ended up washing the birds black after frosting them, so there was a neat charcoal look before that. I'm thinking that's part of the reason.



Most of the crows will just get their beaks and legs/claws with an off-black, maybe Corporea black.

The others... I'm not sure yet. Probably yellow. I'm not too concerned about how they look. They'll be getting finished today.

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Got the birds done to a very rough state. I'm going to leave it at that aside from a few touch ups. This was the least consistent and worst zombicide cast I've come across. One mini had a bird that was a body with wings and nothing else.

It didn't help that I did a bad job priming some minis - my mix of craft paint and primer was too thick so details got filled in.

I just have very little desire to work on shading these. I did get to experiment a bit and that helped for some things I intend to do this year, like the chuppa.

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I got delayed bingeing on Fargo.

Here's what I'm working until the wife comes home from Austin on Sunday. She's at a conference and I couldn't get time off to visit Reaper HQ.


Mostly mook speed paints for table top and continuing shelf of shame work.

My bones 2 Anhurians + 1set of each. Some stuff useful for frost grave as well





If I get it all done that puts me at 17 anhurians and 18 skeletons I think?

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Didn't do much today. some dry brushing and then my ice walls.

First one is shading in a logical normal way, away from light.

Second one is according to reference pics.

Not done yet, still have Prussian blue ink.then edge highlighting. One in white , other ghost white.







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So far there is minimal visible difference for the ice walls. I'm debating throwing blue liner into the darkest recesses to create more contrast. I'll wait until stuff is closer to done

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Little more work on the ice walls - this time with the inks. Prussian blue for the darkest, and turquoise (semi opaque) for the lightest. I will have to try a few coats of the turquoise to see if there's any effect. So far not much with the darks either.

It would probably show up in photo.

I also slobbered liner over the anhurians. Total mess. Good thing that'll get cleaned up. Doing 16 minis is slow.

I also did more on the statues. A glaze of freak flex green - made things look a bit metallic, but I'm a big fan of a warm grey with a hint of green to it, and then a few different colors of drybrush trying to remove that metal vibe, and finishing with a black wash to undo it all kinda.

I also did a bit on the water weird that I had been neglecting. Same inks as the ice walls, and same stone work as the statues. No pics worth seeing.

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NO photos today, can't get a signal on my phone.

More basecoating on the anhurians. Still have pants to do and a few skin touch-ups.

I'll be aiming to do that and maybe a wash. The goal is tabletop, but I might try and pick out one of each - the best  so far - and spend a bit more attention on them.


A bit of edge highlighting on the ice walls. Those look about done to me. I might try and get some really dark spots in the corners.

caryatid columns/angels of sorrow I'm calling done. Did a bit more drybrushing - ivory cream and it looks good. I don't think I need to go all the way white.

I alternated warm and cool greys while I was working on the stone, and a few different washes, and I'm happy. 

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      On photo review, I'll go clean up the veins in the wing a bit more.  I am considering adding a metallic glaze to the chitin and the wings.
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      Aug 6:  skin initial highlights

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      Back again with another recent wintery addition to Frostrun.
      Here we have the caribou from EC3D's Wilds of Wintertide Kickstarter which has been beautifully printed from EscharloneGaming on Etsy.

      These caribou, or reindeer, are fantastic little models with just enough detail to make painting them a blast, but not so much texture as to make them a pain.  These are the first 3D printed minis I have ever purchased or painted, except for a few Heroforge minis.  I didn't know what to expect from the quality of design or delivery, but was very pleased with the results!
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      In keeping with my clear resin tricks, I whipped up the base really quickly and then stalled on how I was going to paint the actual dragon...  oops!  

      I masked off the crystals and plugged the holes for the feet and primed it with a mix of brown and grey Vallejo primers, drybrushed it with a tan followed by a tan mixed with white and then it got a series of Vallejo model washes (green, grey and dark brown).  I then peeled off the mask and gave the crystals a quick coat with Tamiya Clear Green.  
      For the actual dragon, the plan now is to paint the heavier scales like the base with the softer belly and flesh being brown.  




      Like my recent plague doctor bust, I masked his eyes so they will be the same green as the crystals on his base.  I toyed with putting a light in his head as well, but seems to be doing that to everything all of a sudden, and skipped it.  
      in case you’re wondering about the pink, that’s what mixing the Vallejo red and grey primers did. The base was that colour before the drybrush and washes. 
      Hoping to get some more work on the brown and get the drybrush done on his scales this weekend.  That’s going to be a lot of drybrushing!! 
      Thanks for looking.  
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