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If I'm gonna die, I'm gonna die historic on the Bacon Road! [Dave's Thornfall Alliance W.I.P.]

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One last shot at these WIP things. I've got a themed WIP here: Dave's Thornfall Alliance. I'm giving them a wasteland theme, and right now, I've got:

  • Lord Carver, BMMD, Esq., III
  • Rorsh & Brine
  • Razor Boars (x2)
  • Slaughterhousers (Leader & 5 Grunts)
  • Farrow Brigands (Leader & 9 Grunts)
  • Farrow Brigand Warlord
  • Meat Thresher
  • War Hog
  • Maximus

...so this is going to be a fairly long WIP, which you are joining already in progress.


Some of these guys are already based:


Carver, Rorsh & Brine, and the Razor Boars






2 Random Farrow (from Iron Kingdoms Unleashed), and the Slaughterhousers







I started working on Lord Carver, Bringer of Much Massive Destruction, Esquire, the Third (known as Immortan Carver from here on) first (after finishing my Secret Sophie project). 


Immortan Carver's Pretty Much Everybody's Basecoat:

Cloak/Loincloth - Sample Rusty Red

Fur/Flesh - Sample Muddy Brown

Shoulder Fur - P3 Cryx Bane Highlight

Steel - Vallejo Oily Steel

Bronze - GW Tin Bitz (Warplock Bronze)

Leather - Reaper 09110 Oiled Leather

Tusks - GW Kommando Khaki (Karak Stone)









At the point in the above photos, his cloak had been highlighted with Reaper 09111 Burnt Orange, and his metallics had been washed with P3 Armor Wash.

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More Immortan Carver:




There's been some Citadel Argax Earthshade applied to...most of him. And some black wash to his mane. I think. These are all after the fact, so I'm trying to recreate the process in my head, here. Cut me some slack.






Mixed some Vallejo Iraqi Sand into the Reaper Sample Muddy Brown to highlight up his fur/flesh, and blackened in his mane a little more. Drybrushed some white onto his face, in this one, too.






Cleaned up his eyes, and drybrushed some Cryx Bane Base Highlight (totally meant Cryx Bane Highlight) back onto his shoulder fur. Then some Reaper 09061 Linen White over that in places. Started applying Warplock Bronze over the Armor Wash, as needed to bring back the mid-tone on his bronze.


And that's as far as I've gone so far. More to follow.

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Looking Good!


If that is REAL Tinbitz, beware of the pitter patter of goblin feet near your paint locker!



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Oh, it's Tin Bitz, alright. I'm not worried about Buglips, though, he's all about the Partha Paints, and old Pro Paints. This is from the last iteration of GW paints. I had picked up the big, gray paint set...back in '06? '07? I'm still working my way through some of it, in my slow change to dropper bottle paints.

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I have a lot of the old GW as well, replacing certain colors that I like too much to be without...

100 15ml droppers coming for all that stuff...


Beware though Buglips loves Tinbitz to the point that he buys Coat D'arms whatever they call the color now...



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And here's more Immortan Carver:




Painted the skulls under his foot in Kommando Khaki, worked on the bronze (GW Dwarf Bronze) and steel (Vallejo Oily Steel) a bit.





And some edge highlighting on the steel with GW Chainmail. That's pretty much it for him. Next up, the Razor Boars and War Hog, I think. Carver needs a battlegroup.

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And we're back with another episode. Today I started on the War Hog and two Razor Boars. Their bases were already complete, and their mid-tone for their flesh was already laid down...








After a wash of Argax Earthshade to darken up their flesh (also on the War Hog's loincloth):








And a black wash on their manes (yes, I'm cheating):









But wait, there's MORE!

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Drybrush of black on their manes to bring out the texture a bit. Plus a little on the raised fur of the Razor Boars:









And now we start to bring back up the mid-tones of their flesh:




(Turns out this photo got corrupted. I'm sure you get the point.)




First highlight on the flesh tones (about 3:1 Reaper Sample Muddy Brown-to-VMC Iraqi Sand):






(Had to link that one from photo-bukkit. My downloads are getting corrupted.)





Second, and final highlight (about 2:1 Sample-to-Iraqi Sand):








And that was all I got done this morning. Next step is the tusks, so that I can use the burnt sienna glaze all at once (to wash the tusks and glaze it on to even out the flesh tones).

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Pig Mouth Pink = 1 part Breast Cancer Awareness Pink + 1 part 29823: Caucasian Flesh HD (plus whatever thinning; I use distilled water).

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Little bit more painting today. Here you can see the War Hog's mouth got painted with Pig Mouth Pink, and I basecoated the tusks and teeth with Kommando Khaki. His mouth got a red wash, brought back up with Pig Mouth Pink, then a quick highlight of P3 Carnal Pink.










This one is after applying a burnt sienna wash to the tusks, and three or four passes of burnt sienna glaze to their flesh to even out the transitions. I also basecoated the War Hog's rope in Vomit Brown (Tau Light Ochre), and basecoated his stitches in Kommando Khaki.









Had to turn on the flash for these last few, as the overhead light just isn't enough at night. Added some red wash in places on the War Hog for inflammation (around the stitches, anywhere metal meets flesh, etc.). I brought the tusks back to their mid-tone, and also painted in the scar across his other eye, not that you can see it. This is the last one of the War Hog, the light was too dim to see him clearly.









Managed to keep going on the Razor Boars. Painted their leather straps (Reaper Oily Leather, washed with Argax Earthshade, brought back to Oily Leather). Then moved on to their steel (VMC Oily Steel, washed with P3 Armor Wash, highlighted with Oily Steel). Then basecoated their red armor. Going to stick with the stock color, here, and Farrow armor is primarily red.



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