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[MERGED] Christmas Greetings Threads


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Merry Christmas all!


That's the American version of English, and is what most of us around here will hear this holiday season.


However, My Mother is Swedish, and over there, they say

"God Jul"

(Pronounced Good Yule)

Lot's of the pagan traditions of Yule still in the Swedish Christmas Traditions...


I know that there are other people who hang out here whose native language is not English, and others like me that have family traditions that likely include using the old home tongue, so I would like to know what some of them are!


Post away, and let us know where from, and what Language!



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My wife is Indonesian.


Selamat Natal


Which literally translates to Congratulations Christmas... but that's ok, because the word for foreigner or more accurately "white person" is bule (boo-lay), which literally translates to "albino".


Anyway, Selamat Natal!!

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