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The best way to get it in my experience is to send the reminder when you send the product. "Let me know when you get it, I like to leave feedback when I know you are happy." That got me about 80% feedback when I used it. It reminds them to leave feedback, but doesn't demand it, and also lets them know that you will leave it. If they want to wait until you leave feedback, then all they have to do is say they are happy.


I never send a reminder just asking them to leave feedback. I saw one guy with a neg that said "Here's the feedback that you wanted."


I figure after a week or two they aren't going to leave feedback, but I've actually gotten feedback months later (you have 90 days to leave it, but there are ways to leave it after the 90 days).

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speaking as a buyer I usualy wait to post until I get the item and make sure its in working order, or in condition promised, when you buy used video games you make sure it works.


but the only time I sent a letter asking for feedback was when I was new to Ebay and my rateing was at 0, I sent a letter telling him that I recieved the item, it worked, and I left positive feedback, and I would like for him to do the same.


The people I know whom sale wait until they get a e-mail from the buyer telling them that they recieved the item. or after 30 days after getting a conformation from UPS that package was delivered they will send a letter asking how the package was, not even mentioning feedback, that usualy gets the people to leave it.

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As a buyer, you shouldn't leave feedback until you receive the item. If there's a problem, you should probably try to work it out with the seller before leaving feedback.


I've had a few people not leave me feedback, and at this point, I don't worry about it. Granted, my rating is only 30, but at the rate that I use eBay, it's not likely to change very much. ::D:

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Thanks for the input. I appreciate it, since it helps a lot.


On my last sale I received feedback from all my buyers. I mailed most of the figures using Ebay's addressing software, which notifies the buyer that the item is being sent. It also gives you space to include a personal message.


I left seller feedback when I was paid.


For the one item that I had to schlep to the Post Office and pay shipping there, I emailed the customer to let him know that the item was on its way.


I did have an issue this time. One item was broken in shipment. I offered to repair it, but the customer said he'd prefer to take care of it. It wasn't the first time an item had arrived damaged. I gave him the names and colors of the paints I used (in case he needed to patch up the paint job) and also refunded part of his shippnig costs.


He didn't ask for a refund, but I felt it was only fair. I've never had anything arrive broken before, and since it was an overseas shipment, it just wasn't practical to send it back for repair.


A couple of people left feedback with no further prompting. To the others, I sent a note saying I wanted to be sure the item arrived in good condition and that they were happy with it.


After the "I just want to make sure you're happy" message, the ones that I hadn't heard from posted feedback.


Maybe that's the key - let customers know that you want feedback to be sure THEY are happy, not just because YOU want an improved rating.


Thanks all for letting me know your experiences. It helps a lot in figuring out what to do, how, and when.


I guess in future I'll use the process I worked out this time. Post feedback imediatley. Notify the buyer when the item is shipped and send it when you promised (I have on my ads that items are sent first business day after receipt of payment). Wait a reasonable amount of time, then ask ONCE "is everything OK? Did you like the fig?". After that, drop it.

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