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Please check that page in the manual if you have not already since it shows you the pictures of the label of the button to press to start the metering in "One Touch" mode and that won't copy over to the quote I made earlier.

I found a thread elsewhere (might be commerce so I won't link it) that discusses someone with your same problem.

They were holding their paper too close to the camera try moving yours farther away and see if that helps.


If that does not help Maybe someone else can help you with the "One Push" mode.

I am not very familiar with using this class of camera myself so I don't know what to tell you if the instructions in the manual don't work.


The last digital camera in this class I personally owned was older than yours and used floppy disks instead of memory cards.

I moved to digital SLRs and never got anything else after that.

Holding it to close may have been the issue....

will try again asap...



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Continuing a discussion germaine here from Aquisitions p 407


My lamps are 2 x 8" and 1 x 7" across the bottom of the bell, the bulbs are Ottlights at 5850k, (see the piece of tape where I wrote the white temp down? All 3 bulbs are the same)






so if I can get 3 9" diameter embroidery hoops, and put some white tissue in them and have them suspended from the bells, I should be ok.


I may be able to rig something to the bell itself to hold them an inch or so beneath the bulbs, as they protrude from the bells a bit.


I have a pretty good range of movement with the lamps due to the arms, so I take my pics above the cutting mat after draping a background there, and have it held down by the shelf above with a bottle of something to keep it from falling down.


Thanks guys! Keep the info coming!




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Heat-resistant. Not proof. Get it too close to a halogen lamp and it'll still happily burn a hole straight through, still.

That is right and one of the reasons I would never recommend halogen lamps for this.

They also tend to get so hot they kill these kinds of table lamps anyway even if you don't care about how hot they make the area around them.


knarthex is using OttLites which are all fluorescent now so it should not get hot enough to affect parchment paper.


I have a roll of parchment paper I use for my wet palette. Unbleached un coated

That is exactly what you want to use for this assuming it is white and not a shade of brown since it is unbleached. Edited by arclance
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