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Ebonwrath 77102 with an airbrush

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Started working on my first Bones dragon project today (it's been a busy December, so a little free time for painting is sort of a Christmas present).


This is the first time I've tried doing any shading or gradient sort of thing with an airbrush, mostly in the past I've just used it for priming, base coats and varnish. It's a little patchy in spots but I'm pretty happy with the overall result and it went on quick.


Vallejo black primer with Reaper Ruddy Leather/Oiled Leather/Burnt Orange triad on the wings.


I'll do the rest with a paintbrush, but it was a nice start.



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Looks really good!


You can also get those nice fades on smaller places with a little practice. Lord knows that I am no expert, but I was able to do some good work on some relatively small parts with my airbrush, then go back in and do brush work.

If you look at the claws here, you can see what I mean.




ps what kind of airbrush are you using if I may be nosy....

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Iwata HP-B. I maybe should have started with a larger nozzle (especially when I clog it and have to clean it out) but I did eventually want to try finer stuff on both minis and scale models (hey, where did those goblins get a T-34?).


That demon is great.

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Nice Brush!


.2mm is smaller than mine, But .3 is doing well for me so far. If you are clogging often, I have 2 thoughts for you, are you thinning enough? And are you sure that no little bits of dried paint are falling into your paint cup? Also, are you thinning in a side bottle and then adding it to the cup, or thinning in the cup? If the later, you might not be getting 100% of your paint thinned.


I have done German 3 color camo on 15mm scale tanks for Flames of War with mine and it works a treat! (it is why I bought an airbrush...)


And as to where they got the T-34, from the Time Bandits!



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I did learn those lessons the hard way, and I think the smaller nozzle is a less forgiving of underthinning. There's also air pressure, thinning being more important at lower pressures, like I used to do the gradient here. I'm not having so many clogging problems any more, fortunately, but I still have a lot to learn.

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A little bit of progress, adding the leathery colors to the dorsal frill and ventral plating, as well as touching up some black areas that got a bit of overspray, particularly the bones in the wings.


Being still a learner, I'm a little unsure what to do about bringing out the details in the scales. Maybe I should have started with a brown base coat and washed it black or something. Individually highlighting scales probably exceeds my limited capacity for focus...


(Somewhere on my list of lessons-to-be-learned is "plan ahead" but there are so many more fun-sounding things...)



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Looks good!


Have not done him myself, but do a search by name or sku on the show off and inspiration galleries to see what others have done, that may spark some ideas for you!


I tend to have pics of whatever I am painting up on my laptop to see details I might miss....


and for inspiration



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