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77380: Khanjira the World Breaker


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I tend to think of talent as the stuff that you get easily or naturally without having to put in the leg work.  If that's the definition we're using, then I don't have much talent- except maybe a bit of an eye for composition (Rhonda told me once that everyone gets one freebie, and I guess that one is mine).


My first mini was the worst first mini of anyone I know or have seen (poorly composed even).  The trick to getting good is to identify something you can't do, then find tutorials, advice, examples and such and try your hardest to do it.


If you take on a really challenging mini every once in a while, you'll get better.  And if you do it often, then you'll get a lot better.  Also, if you're doing some more relaxed painting between challenging projects, you'll find that the things you improved inform even your quick paint jobs.


Also- it doesn't actually have to take so very long as all that.  I mean, I've been painting for lots of years, but most of those years, I was just bad and wasn't getting any better (not trying to get better does that).

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