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mgj97Ya238B9MGBZ6RDxaFw.jpg When I first saw this sitting on a shelf at King Soopers, I laughed.

I immediately envisioned opening the can to find a mess of nuts, bolts, gears, and computer chips floating in motor oil. What kind of soup was this supposed to BE? "Star Wars Soup?" "Droid Soup?" A nearby can had a picture of Yoda, which took my mind suddenly back to the first time I tried turtle soup, which is green and has a rich meaty flavor, which is not really a mental image that's psychologically compatible with a can with a picture of Yoda on it.


A more careful reading of the can indicates that it's basically chicken noodle soup, but with pasta shapes from Star Wars instead of boring old noodles. But you have to read the fine print to even find out what you're eating. I usually find this rather offputting, and so I did not buy the soup.

So Berni stuck a can in my stocking for Christmas. "Even if you don't want the soup, you want the can," she said. "You're just going to turn it into another brush holder for your workbench, like the Bruce Campbell's Cream Of Darkness soup can, or the Romulan Ale, or the T-Virus antidote." And I had to admit, she was right. Either that, or I was subject to a Jedi Mind Trick.  She's good like that.

Today, she's out at High Tea, and so for supper, I was left to fend for myself... and the Robot Soup presented itself. Why not? I opened the can, dumped it into a bowl, and microwaved it for a minute and a half while I washed and dried the can and carefully reaffixed the label. It did indeed include pasta shapes of a Stormtrooper, Darth Vader, R2-D2, and ... Yoda. I tried not to think of turtle soup.

My review? Less great than I would have liked. The soup is in fact chicken broth, but if there was actually any chicken MEAT in there, I must have eaten past it and missed it somehow. Campbell's puts little chunks of chicken in their chicken noodle, chicken and stars, chicken alphabet, and so on... but this one can of Star Wars Soup seemed to have gotten past the machine that actually inserts dead bird bits. There were, however, tiny bits of carrot; I counted nine fragments. And several pasta shapes, dense enough that they wouldn't fall apart in the broth, but would hold together and be recognizable. First time I've ever had to chew my chicken noodle soup. The flavor was acceptable, but upon reading the label, I noted that they seem to think that one can is two servings, which taken together doesn't TASTE particularly salty, but has enough sodium in it to blow the top of your head off.

Altogether? If you want the can label, grab it now. Not sure there's going to be a lot of repeat business on this stuff...

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Top Posters In This Topic

I ate Campbell's Chicken And Stars recently, when I caught a cold. Call it stupid, but my mother fed it to me when I was teeny, and since then, it's been comfort food when I'm not well.

And there was chicken in it. Admittedly, somewhat less than an ounce, in tiny cube form, but it was in there.

If Campbell's Star Wars Soup contains chicken meat, it was in quantities tiny enough to escape detection by a reasonably alert tongue.

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The picture of Star Wars oranges has already gone viral. I am sure there are algorithms out there determining the added percent chance that some idiot will buy something if it has the Star Wars logo on it.

Yet, for some reason, I cannot buy a friggin' Kylo Ren or Finn in 28mm.

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My favorite are Star Wars apples.


My kids always loved them, because during Halloween season, they call them Vampire apples.

But now, they come in a bag with Darth Vader on them.  Yup.  Empire apples.


At least it's tangentially related.  Since the apple is an Empire Apple.


But that one made me chuckle.

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I was aware of the Darth Vader toaster. I recently bought the Darth Vader Hot Wheels car because it was the coolest thing I'd seen in years.


Still irritated about the lack of consistent license to manufacture 28mm Star Wars figures. I KNOW they SELL. I can only assume that the payments, licensing agreements, and bags of lawyer chow are just too much of a pain in the elf for those who would produce such a product...

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I ate Campbell's Chicken And Stars recently, when I caught a cold. Call it stupid, but my mother fed it to me when I was teeny, and since then, it's been comfort food when I'm not well.


And there was chicken in it. Admittedly, somewhat less than an ounce, in tiny cube form, but it was in there.


If Campbell's Star Wars Soup contains chicken meat, it was in quantities tiny enough to escape detection by a reasonably alert tongue.

The first time hubby got sick when I was with him I went out and got Campbell's chicken n stars, sunny delight, and a frozen pizza, because I remembered him telling me that's what his mom fed him when he was sick. It totally blew him away that I remembered that and did that for him. That's how I roll!


And even though I love me some astromech droids, I managed to avoid feeling tempted by the silly marketing ploy.


Now, if it had a toy in it.... :devil:

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They're afraid that someone might do a better paintjob on the minis...

Gman likely has The right of it. If too many pewter minis hit the market, the chance of Hello Kitty storm troopers showing up on google image search and hurting the brand increases dramatically.

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    • By Othikent
      Picked up the New Yoda miniature for star wars legions and had to paint him up. Love the sculpt but had to add some floating rocks to the Force using pose. 

      I'd love to hear what people think.
    • By strawhat
      And now, the moment you've been waiting for (and by "you've" I mean "I've"): The completion of strawhat's Imperial Assault journey!
      Unfortunately, almost all of my games are still boxed up from the move, so there won't be any story time tonight.  But, truthfully, after nearly a year and a half I am just happy to be at this point.  Although it's a bit bittersweet.  I've been painting Star Wars minis for so long, and they're what got me back into painting!  I've been thinking of starting Legion just so I'll have more Star Wars to paint.
      So, what does Tyrants of Lothal bring to us?
      Two heroes: a "retired" clone trooper, and a Devaronian.

      The Devaronian is a cyborg and a close combat monster.  The clone trooper is a bit trigger-happy.
      And with the name "Lothal" in the title, who else comes along but the rest of Spectre Cell!
      The minis are really a bit all over the place.  Kanan and his padawan/apprentice Ezra are clearly from the later seasons of Rebels, while Sabine mixes elements of her appearance from Seasons 1-3.  I'm not certain where Zeb fits in.


      Kanan and Ezra are pretty straight forward.  Ezra should be wearing green gloves, but I missed the molding on his hands, and I didn't really like that look anyway.  Kanan's visor should be olive as well, but I liked the raw metal look.
      Sabine was, frankly, a nightmare.  Anyone who has watched Rebels knows why...she's definitely the free-spirited artist and her armor and hair show it.  The breastplate has two diagonal stripes on her right side, and a small Rebellion phoenix in the right corner.  One pauldron has a 5 (as she is Spectre 5), the other has a Mandalorian "owl" of some sort.  These actually vary in the show.  In the latter seasons, her pants and shirt are matched grey/black, and her breastplate and pauldrons are different colors with different symbols.  The mini has hair from Season Three, boots from Season One, gun belts from Season One, gauntlets that more closely match Season Two or Three (but not really either of them).
      So, since the mini is all over the place, I just kind of picked and chose what I was doing.  I didn't even attempt all the paint-spatter she has over her gauntlets and greaves.  I also skipped the checker pattern on her right pauldron and just kept the stylized 5.  The left pauldron has the Mandalorian owl design (really just a light blue blob) from later seasons.
      The purple guy is Garazeb "Zeb" Orrelios, one of the last surviving Lasat (design based on some of the original concept work for Chewbacca).  He shouldn't be quite that dark a shade of purple, though.  I used the Dark Elf Skin triad, and should have modified it by starting with the Dark Elf Skin instead of Dark Elf Shadow.  There should be some darker tiger striping on his arms and legs.  I've got no excuses on that one.  I just forgot.  There also should be a stylized animal face on his left shoulder armor, but I just didn't feel up to it.
      Which brings us to the Scum & Villainy...which are just Loth-cats.  Who aren't really scummy or villainous.


      The Loth-cats in the show generally resemble bobcats or lynxes.  But I decided to have a little fun with it.  I painted a cheetah, a tiger, a black panther, and a generic lion (without a mane, though).  The "Elite" cats are based off our old tortie and calico cat, our current medium-hair, and a Russian Blue (for the fun of it).
      We'll get to the last Scum and Villainy character in a bit.  He lives up to the title as he is both scummy and villainous (typically in an entertaining way, though).
      On to the Empire:

      Not much to say here.  Death Troopers wear shiny black armor, carry shiny black guns, etc.  A nice, thorough drybrush of Adamantium Black helps with the shine and keeps definition.
      Which brings us to the last two characters.  Both villainous, one slightly scummy.

      Admiral Thrawn and Hondo Ohnaka.  Hondo is the scummy one.  A thorn in the side of Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi during the Clone Wars, Ohnaka manages to make a nuisance out of himself on Lothal as well.  I kind of wish it was his Clone Wars costume (the one seen in the Disney Parks, too), though.
      I tried to lighten Thrawn's shade of blue a bit, but didn't quite get it right.  Like Zeb, I should have started a shade lighter.
      But that's it.  That's the last of them.  All 176 (175+1 Additional Dewback) painted to what I hope is an acceptable tabletop (or maybe even a little better) standard.  It's been a journey, thank you for accompanying me!
    • By Othikent
      Once I started painting Star Wars minis it was only a matter of time before I tackled one of the most iconic characters. 

      Again I'd love to hear what you all think.
    • By Jasper_the_2nd
      It has been a dark time for the Galactic Empire.
      Strong meta for the other factions have lead to few victories,
      and the faith of many Imperial commanders had been tested.
      But now, when all seemed lost, and new RRG has emerged. 
      Unit costs have decreased.
      Changes have breathed new life into nearly abandoned Imperial troops. 
      And leading the way, mighty Lord Vader's Sith training has made him even more powerful and devastating. 
      Now is the time, for the Empire to strike back!!
      So, a new year, and a new Star Wars Legion painting WIP.
      Last year started strong but then I almost completely stopped painting for quite a while. Instead I focused on getting a bunch of units assembled, as I was playing fairly regularly. My back going to crap probably had some impact on my painting too, all those meds aren't helping with my focus or energy levels.
      Regardless, I've finally felt like painting again the last week or so.  So I'm going to go with it and hope to settle in to a schedule where I'm getting a few hours of painting in a week.
      My goals for this year are to get back to painting Empire forces, but also to finish up painting my CIS army.
      For the CIS I still have to paint two more units of B1s, and base them and the 2 units I've just finished up in the old WIP.
      Then there are 3 units of STAPs, 3 units of Droidekas. 3 Spider Droids.  3 boxes of Magnaguards.  3 boxes of Bx commandos.  A bunch of commanders and specialists.  Oh, and 2 snail tanks, and two AATs.......so a bit...also 1 more unit of B2s if they ever come in.
      But, as soon as I get through the 2 units of B1s (they take up too much room on my desk to work on anything else at the same time) I'll start moving in some Imperial units to mix it up.  And get back to painting white......
    • By Othikent
      My latest starwars miniature. A very challenging paint job but a great opportunity to practice my freehand skills. 
      Very rewarding project, even if her helmet gave me fits. 
      I'd love to hear what you all think.
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