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So this might not look like much but it will be a large wood cabin, built by adventurers to provide greater shelter than the ruins of Frostgrave. Also reusable.

I'm going to see if I can use velcro otherwise I'll glue it.post-12970-0-72451000-1454034418_thumb.jpg

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I should specify that the walls are from a dave graffam bundle I snuck onto available space and the rest is photocopied from crooked dice's zombie TV expansion for their cult TV game.


Next I'll be doing a few ruined house models from dg. Also random arches.

Still need to make my hedge maze.


Then random bits of cobblestone for broken road scatter. I'll need to fake bigger buildings for now.

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Instead of Velcro, I would suggest building a frame from foamcore (or thick cardboard) that you wrap in your printouts.  For the internal floors and the roof you need to add minor buttresses in the walls for the floor to rest on at the corners and middle of wall.  The roof will have the buttresses on the top of the roof itself so it stops it from sliding around when it hits the walls.


Hopefully this makes sense, it is a simple design I have used before for multi-floor bunkers and would help keep your buildings sturdy enough to game with.

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This whole build has been an exercise in trouble shooting. Every solution has created new problems.
Not wild about how stuff has turned out. I still need to deal with internal walls but for now I'm done. I've had to use too much tape because stuff isn't holding and there aren't tabs there to glue.
I might revisit this model and do it properly one day, but I'll probably look to replace it first.


First the assembled building.


You can really only see the roof here.





Here's the inside, minus the interior walls. Anhurian for scale





Here's a view through the window on one side



In the background you can see the underside of the roof, with the rof supports that are supposed to be glued in, but I couldn't figure out how that would be possible. Tape. Tape. Tape. Tape.


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I haven't really done much of anything this past month.

Today, because it was spring-like, I spray-primed all my nuun bottles so that I could work on columns.

I'm doing some planning, so that I can make "building 8" from the Fat Dragon stuff we got with Bones kickstarter with foam core.

Seeing as I've never built foam core terrain, and I'm trying to make it modular with removable levels, it needs priming.

It will be 4 levels, I think. Probably scaled up 10%.

I intend to have the floors raised above the walls for each level, so that the walls have something to grip onto when fully assembled. If it's not solid enough, I'll add a few magnets - which I think can be done relatively unobtrusively. I might also glue a washer to the base for weight if I get to that point. I'll probably do minimal foam core stuff, though.

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Hey, I did stuffs.

HS flagstone base stamp, hot glue gun onto parchment paper, stamp the pile of glue, then peel away after drying.

After priming these black and drybrushing them to look like stone, I will be gluing these onto bits of dry felt. The effect will be partially ruined/buried in snow road. I hope.


The one photo is an approximate layout. I haven't decided whether I will take one big piece of snow(felt) or little bits around each piece of flagstone.


Here's a temp photo with white(clear) glue on dark surface.




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