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RIP Lemmy Kilmister; Singer of Motorhead


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That really sucks ...


EDIT: But you know what?  No way am I gonna let this bring me down.  I love the band, I love his personality -- I've read his autobiography and saw the documentary, and just recently went through my vinyl and rediscovered albums I hadn't listen to in a while.


I'm glad I saw them back when I was a little more spry and he was awesome.  Made a big impact.


I'm listening to "Another Perfect Day" right now.


Wow, I'm choked up.

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My favorite Lemmory was actually a recent one. A couple years ago they were on the Mayhem bill. TONS of kids there for Slipknot, so when Motorhead was about to come on, I suggested they put in earplugs, we were close enough for damage. They kinda chuckled, got blown away by the set, and after the last tune were screaming at me "DUDE YOU WERE RIGHT, MY EARS HUUURT!"




I was lucky enough to casually say hey to Lemmy a couple times in LA when I was a Strip prowler my own self. Super nice dude.


I guess you could say he was killed by death.

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I got the chance to interview him before a show while working at my college radio station. There were three of us, and one of the kids that had just joined our show wasn't 21 yet. A lot of the interview consisted of Lemmy getting him drunk. It was a pretty fun time. 

And like was said above, I'm not going to get too down about this. If there was one guy that lived his life the way he wanted to, it was Lemmy.

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It stil [email protected]%S!


I was discovering heavy music around my 13/14 year.


I already had KISS, AC/DC, Van Halen, Black Sabbath and Status Quo in my record collection.


One day I went to the store and there was the album Motörhead-Overkill.

The cover appealed to me, I knew they were supposed to be heavy, so i bought it.


I went home, played it, played it again, went back to the store and bought On Parole and Bomber the same day.

I'm now 51 and still listen to Rock and Metal. I even came to love Death Metal like Bolt Thrower and Arch Enemy, but Motörhead always stayed number one for me.


I feel like a lost a friend. :down:

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