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Lt. Coldfire

Deckard Nightveil, #03389

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The Evil Doer has to be one THE MOST SINISTER Guys I have thus far seen. Your brushwork is OUTSTANDING, but it is your INSPIRED color scheme that gives the piece its character. VERY WELL DONE indeed!

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Very cool indeed, the armor looks great

Thanks.  My first time trying NMM, actually.  I tried NMM gold on this same model right after this moderate NMM steel success and the NMM gold attempt was kind of a disaster lol.  It's bad enough that I won't post it here.



I like your subdued use of color.

I think I took the long route here (just trying things out), but what I did was use colors that led up to a bright leather effect on all the clothing/capes, and then I used inks to give the final highlights the subtle color.  The cape, as you can tell, basically held on to it's leathery colors, just with some added yellow ink.

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I have never seen this miniature before. It's nice. And the way his armor is painted really makes him stand out. It's inspiring. :)

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      This is the Wizard from Grenadier’s Wizards box set circa 1980. Most of the minis from the set were called variations like Sorcerer, Illusionist, Magician, and Warlock. But there are also 2 druids and a cleric included. 
      I painted all the minis from the set in my teens, then wanted to repaint them in my early 20’s so I had my friend sandblast(!) the paint off. That eroded much of the detail. So the detail in the beard, hands, imp, is almost all painted in. 

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      Really like this figure, in particular after they showed it being 3d sculpted on Reaper Live. Simple 'goody' paint job. Will add some snow texture to base to use him in Frost eave. 

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      There is going to be a firework tonight... Firecrackers in Lorus's way. Here is 02771, Lorus Hightower aka Firecracker. This model was sculpted by Sandra Garrity.







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      I've had Ragnaros (or Raggers, as I like to think of him) for almost a year. I was stuck on what colours to use for ages. Red and brass, my first thought, are a bit too Khorne-y for my liking, and I didn't want to do him in the classic plate mail colours. So I settled for a pretty mute palette: Vallejo Neutral Grey, a blue/grey sample from Reaper, and Army Painter Dark Tone, Plate Mail Metal and Rough Iron. I did the eyes with Vallejo Red to add some colour.
      I thought about doing something flashy with his sword and shield, but then figured that Raggers isn't the type to bugger about with flaming swords and shields made of human skin. I also wonder how easy it would be to outrun him seeing as he's wearing about three tons of armour. The figure itself is so heavy you could put it in a sock and use it to mug people.
      Raggers isn't based yet; after slathering on what felt like the fourth gallon of Dark Tone to finish him off I'm taking a break.
      As always, comments, criticisms and cash are welcome.



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      Another Bones 4 elf. Painted her pale and edgy, perfect for the moody lone wolf PC in the party.

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