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Thanks everyone, I'm happy you guys like her.

Beautiful and unearthly!


I love the inclusion of the archway.  With its filigree-like design, it seems to simultaneously evoke the idea not only of a trellis from a garden wedding, but a graveyard entry gate.  The limited palette also does wonderfully for giving the feeling of cinematic nighttime lighting.


Also thoughtful is that the figure is removable for gaming use!  :D  That's certainly a touch I can appreciate.



I was hoping it would give the idea of both and also draw your eye to focus up to her face.


Absolutely lovely.

What did you use on the back archway? Is that cotton or Halloween spiderwebbing?

It is cotton, I originally planned to use some spiderweb material you use in the airbrush but after testing it on a few twigs it likely would not hold up well if the usps was rough with it although it would look more realistic I wanted something that could be handled if needed, so Cottonballs did the job.

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I absolutely couldn't be more thrilled with my first Secret Sophie model (as the receiver)!  I actually made room to keep it on my painting desk to help keep me inspired.   :blush: What's hard to tell in the picture is the color of the dead (undead?) roses in her hand are the same color as the filagree around her dress, which is *amazing*.  I also love the little stitch marks about her exposed skin, it just makes her ooze with character.  She reminds me a bit of Lydia from Beetlejuice, which also entertains me to no end. :)

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Which colours did you use? 

(This is such a beautiful effect that I really, really have to steal it attempt something similar soon)

Here is a everything I remember as I only wrote down some of the colors on this one.


I used quite a few P3 colors on her. The skin tone I wrote down so I know this one is right, the midtone is P3 Greatcoat grey, the shadow is Reaper blue liner, the highlight P3 Frostbite. Those three with mixes of each to blend. I did use just a touch of Reaper Spectral white to the final highlight. Then I used Scale75 African Shadow to glaze some pinkish purple to her shadows and Reaper's Rosy skin to glaze the transitions and highest points.


Across the entire mini I used blue liner in all the shadows and spectral white as a highlight except her flowers, which I used P3 Moldy Ochre. Her dress actual started as a lavender that I mixed with spectral white and Reaper Sunset purple, but I did not like it so I tried to shift it blue with Reapers clear blue. Which helped a lot without needing to repaint a base coat. Then I used P3's armor wash added a touch of blue liner and glazed it multiple times to get the shadows and darkest parts of her dress. Cleaned up the shadows with just Blue liner, and mixed in frostbite to bring up the midtone and highlights. The final dress highlights are pure spectral white.


Her hair is P3 exile blue again with blue liner and spectral white. All the lining and her stitches are blue liner. Her lips started as P3 Sanguine base mixed with rosy flesh for the highlight. And I am pretty sure her flowers also started as Sanguine base.


Hope all that rambling helps and I hope to see your take on her color scheme soon.

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