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Chivane red mantis assassin 60072


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^^ this miniature


I really need help with the sword arm). It doesn't mesh well, the angle the sword is held at vs the area on the wrist it attaches too makes it very awkward too.


I love the pose! I love the miniature, but this is probably the third time the arms fallen off :( I'm having a really hard time trying to pin it as it's quite a small area at a bit of an angle (not flat) so it's hard to get the bit in properly to make sure the hole is at the same angle on both pieces.


I tried metal glue (testor's iirc) and I tried green stuff, both of which didn't hold it. It may have been knocked once, this is my son's miniature for our RP games.


I really love this mini but right now I want to throw it through the wall lol


It's currently in my tupperware container getting green cleaned so I can try again, and repaint it. Sigh.

I can post a pic of the area in question if that helps - but any advice or anyone who's actually mucked with this particular mini who has an idea - that'd be great!

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I have this figure, but have not gone beyond assembly and priming...




As you can see, I put the sword at a different angle from the one shown in the online store.

I filled the little nub off of her wrist, and used my pin vise with a wire gauge bit that is smaller than 1/32"


to drill the hole in her hand.

I then ran the bit up her forearm at this type of angle:




I then put the pin into her forearm, and then trimmed it to fit the wrist. If I remember correctly, I had to bend the pin a little bit to line the wrist up the way I wanted it. Looking closely at my figure's wrist, It looks like I filled in a small gap with gel super glue, but you could use a putty if you rather.


I did the drilling before she went on the base....


Hope that Helps!




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 Another possible solution, if you've got any skill with the green, is the procedure a lot of folks use for pinning dragons' wings - to just glue the thing into position and then simply drill right through the whole hand into the arm, then slide the pin into it and patch up the hole through the fingers with greenstuff. It may seem like it'd be tough to resculpt the fingers, but with a thin enough pin you'd only be going through two of them, and then all you need to do is just plug the hole and use a pin or sculpting tool to press in the line between the fingers and blend the edges...


It looks like the guard of the sword might be in the way, but you could probably bend it to the side far enough to get a good angle for drilling, then bend it back into position once the pin and glue have set.

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negative! not yet hehe and no worries, I will take a pic! It's still in simplegreen - not because it probably needs to be (I'm sure the paint's been removed like... days ago...) I just forgot a bit about it, got distracted with my terrain I have a bit of model ADH oh look a bunny!

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Got her pinned :D now I just need to GS the arm joint - it isn't a huge gap, maybe 1.5mm I think, but hopefully it won't make her look too unnatural. Although TBH at this point, I don't much care because I just want her stable so I don't have to keep fixing her sword arm when my son uses her. And her sword position may not be great for looks, for painting but honestly it's very very stable right there so I like it! lolpost-14692-0-06342200-1453666367_thumb.jpg

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