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Getting to Know Each Other--Year 2--Jan


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Catch up!


1) I love watching dance routines and choreography, but I cannot dance. Sad face.

2) Spoilers...eh. It sucks if it happens, but it won't prevent me from reading / watching. The only time I'll avoid watching something is when it's quoted way too often, example: Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

3) Rules, only enough to work around them without causing trouble. (Ignored the rule for these questions since there is no punishment) :D

4) I'm not sure what makes me happy. =/

5) Poker. I cannot read people and I cannot bluff well. Plus, it be nice to have higher odds when gambling.

6) With my inventory job, I have to be mindful of dates, sometimes I forget what day it is due to all the back dating for inventory movement.


Yay! Caught up!

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Question for Jan 7th: We're a week into the new year. Have you started remembering to write / type / say 2016 yet?

Yes, strangely enough. I rarely know the date, or sometimes even the day of the week...but I decided this year it wasn't going to take me until July to start writing the correct year consistently, so I have been very intentional about it, and so far it is working.

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