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I was looking at this mini, and I see a lot of potential for growth (besides it being so danged dynamic).

I have primed and lined him, and I have applied a base coat of "Blue Gunmetal" to the armor. 

I am thinking purple, gold highlights, blues, and blood red shadows, and tints.

I'm being ambitious on this one.

I'm paying it back for the amount of blood it drew from me while filing and assembling it !

This is one "sharp" (Literally) miniature !

So, put on your seat belt, tip the nice ticket taker in the scanty outfit, and off we go.

Here is where he begins.








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I've got a really weird idea of using that base color as a "bleed" through in some way.

The gold will be tinted red.

Purples are going to be PURPLE"S..

and shadows are going to be dark reddish brown I think.

I'm playing with my color wheel, and I just know I want this one POPPING all over the place.

Don't know if I can pull it off; but it is going to get one heck of a workout !



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take your time ... slow down and test your colors...  Maybe slow down on the coffees as well  ^_^  

ROFL on the Coffees.

I only have one cup when I wake up , and another cup when I drink it COLD after doing my morning Norwegian lesson.

Its warm when I start, but after an hour of Norsk, its guaranteed to be cold.

I have about a month and a quarter (unless I double the course load) to finish.

This Mini is looking like it is going to be a lot of fun, and a lot of challenge !!!

Basing alone is going to be a nightmare !!!!

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This is just the jay at play.

I've been playing around with the purples quite a bit, and finally got a two tone

that I like going on.  Added some blood red to the purple to make a blood red shade

that I like.  Its a good foil off that metal blue.  This is one highly dynamic sculpt !

Here are some photos.






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Building up color, adding colors to base coat.

Did some blending in the purples, and got a base gold coat on.

Working out where I am going from here.

I think it is going in the direction I envisioned at this stage still.

Here are the latest photos.






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I like how the gold trim brings a clearer definition to the mini.

I'm thinking that I need to change the color of the high shoulder plates,

with the points.  Will have to play with that stuff.  Its okay right now, but down the road

I may want to shift emphasis from, or to those.  All these little details still need attention,

and dry-brushing the chain mail.  Its all fun, and good, sometimes its fun to just put it down and walk away.

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If you are referring to the two plates that stand up vertically from the shoulders....   I think they would look best as an integral part of the main armour (same colors)..   The other pieces you have made gold are trim and this makes sense as they provide no additional integrity to the armour. Whereas the two plates look like they are meant to protect the neck.



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Moving ahead with Krass Omenthrall.

One of these days I will become proficient with the jewels saw, and cut the base off of some of these

miniatures.  Sure would making basing easier.  Think that is a lesson to learn once the warm weather comes back.

I would rather NOT have metal filings all over the place !

So here is where the armored one stands at the moment.






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