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Mary the Mermaid. by Glitterwolf Or " Underwater Greed"

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Thx for the cheers and comments it keeps me motivated.


Reaper Jade Green, Intense Brown and some Blackened Brown were added.


That's it for today folks!











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My girl oldest stepdaughter) got home sick today.

I picked her up from the station and will now paint this fast,


Maybe it will make her feel better a bit.


Some progress. I redid the eyes, The white dots will be done again.


I hit the tail with stripes of Reaper Jungle Moss and then lined those in with P3 Tanar Black.


Did the orb and gem with a little Scale 75 Tourmaline Alchemy.


Then hit the treasure with that, Scale 75 Elven Gold, Scale 75 Cobalt Alchemy and GW Glistening Green and painted a piece of Jade with Reaper Jade Green ( duh).


The vase was painted with GW Terracotta.


Enjoy. I'll be painting her now again.







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More progress, Almost done now.


Hit the bra with Scale 75 Cobalt Alchemy.

The treasure with GW Brown Wash.


Then highlighted the rock with Reaper Misty Grey.

The skin with Reaper Rosy Highlight, then mixed with Fair Skin.

For the blushes on the cheeks I mixed a touch of GW Terracota in the skin.


Then made a glaze of 1 drop Reaper Deep Ocean, 2 drops Glaze Medium and 2 drops of water.

And did the bra and the tail with that.


I applied PVA glue and sanded the base. ( Don't worry it will be painted as sea sand)








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I have been meaning to ask...  Did you intentionally make the eyes  focused on different spots?


Actually no. Somehow they won't align.


I tried 3 times already.Ok redid the eyes again..


She looks a bit more in the same direction now.


Also did the sand.


GW Chestnut Ink , Then Scale 75 Iroko and highlighted with Scale 75 Birch.


Some Brush on Sealer from Reaper for almost everything, and some Vallejo Gloss Varnish for the treasure and her tail.

Edited by Xherman1964
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