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Silvervane's Speedy Zomicide Zombies: Jan '16

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As the title hopefully implies, my objective is to paint some several Zombicide Season 1 zombies quickly (for me) in January.  They are going to be tabletop standard, as I want to use them for my game as soon as possible.  With those goals in mind, I have taken a row from the group (4 walker, 2 runners, and 1 fatty) and begun to prep them up and paint them.  The first one is complete and (in my mind) completely horrible, so no pictures of him.


The 2nd one from my Jan set is another walker.  I've spent approximately 2 hours on her total (including priming, no of lines).  Now I've decided that I will actually do marginal line cleaning.  Which will result in me having to reprimer a few of them.  I base coated her a bit darker than I usually would for her base coat on the skin.  I think on the next I will do that for all the colors.  The rest were done normal mid tone.  I then quickly applied 2-4 highlights where I thought they were needed.  Then I applies a dark brownish wash all over.  Followed by a 2nd wash only in the darkest areas.  Next I reapplied highlights and added some details.  It still needs sealer applied.  But for the time I think it came out ok.  I plan to follow this for the rest of my zombies, hoping that as I gain practice I will speed it up and refine it.  Gore will follow on later zombies.  I wanted a few relatively blood free for variety.





This is my next walker.  I applied RMS black primer as an experiment.  With the (possible) cold winter days of the northeast on the way, I wanted an alternative to spending days cleaning and priming.  I'll see how it goes.




Now follows the rest I plan to paint in Jan:


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First one's looking good.

I did it by row too. A different base skin for each one - yellow, orange, grey/green.

I was thinking something similar.  Only I was going to try mixing some of the various reaper skin tones into the RMS Moldy skin base.  After all the Halloween order I have several bottle, so they were going to be my base.  Though I might have to go to various colors too now that I think about it.

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If you're going to pick up all the Z games, I recommend a skin color similar to the plastic color. Easier to distinguish the zombies that way.

AN excellent suggestion!  I had been thinking about using the color of the wash to achieve that.  For example I was going to use a green wash for toxic mall (if I get it).

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If want to worry less about the colors matching the original game colors then maybe you could keep that to strictly the bases. It would be nice to have the freedom for the skin tones so that maybe a few have just turned and are only slightly off human tone while some have lost most of what makes them even seem human.


I haven't seen many of the Zombicide minis though to know how much variation and creativity you can have with them.

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So ehhh you're at home yet?

I am now.  Ok a few in progress shots to show the current working process.


1)  Here is my 3rd walker base coated.  Nothing fancy, I can post colors but basically take what ever color you want for the base color and mix in a little shadow color.



2) Here is where the highlighting begins.  I basically then put down a layer of highlight (basically what you would have used for the base color) in all the area except the deepest shadow.  I then progressively added Bloodless skin to all of the colors to bring it up to the highest highlight.  Except for the white tee-shirt that I brought up to RMS Pure white.  The key thing to remember is that the next step will kill a lot of the fine details.  So no need to be super neat and precise, just block in the highlights with 3-4 progressively lighter colors.



3) This stage was simple and fast.  A notice the difference it does.  I created a wash.  Mixed Water : RMS Brush On Sealer (3:3) as the base.  Then with a small brush I mixed in to the base Scale 75 Inks (2:1) Chestnut Brown : Black.  With that made I then lightly washed over the whole figure.  After that dried I then put down a 2nd heavier wash into the areas I wanted to be the darkest.  Now I could have stopped there and the figure would have looked fine.  But I wanted it to pop a bit more.



4)  So the final stage in the basic painting was to bring back some of the color.  So I added some of the 1st highlight (base) to the highest areas in a glaze consistency.  I then took the highest highlight also in the glaze consistency to the areas I just highlighted leaving a little of the base highlight showing.



Hope that makes sense.  I plan to bloody him up tonight, to finish him off.  The rest are in various stages of highlighting.  But the primary color is blue on them all,

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