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Pingo's Conga Line of Half-Finished Minis


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A few more. This is Hasslefree Miniature's not-Scooby-Doo gang: HFN024 "Hamlet" the great dane, Velma (HFN002 "Louise"), Daphne (HFN003 "Felicity"), Shaggy (HFN004 "Wolsey"), and Fred (HFN005 "Barney"); as well as Hasslefree's not-Willow-Rosenberg from "Buffy the Vampire Slayer", (HFA041 "Witch Hazel").





I found some resin skulls and things to add to the bases. The candelabrum on Velma's base was too fragile and snapped off while I was prying her off her blue-tac jar. So I glued it down flat and figured that works anyway. Good thing I didn't try to paint the candles lit.



"Witch Hazel" is really a beautiful little figure, with graceful lines. I tried to paint her base to look like traffic lights seen from far, far above, but if it just looks like a vaguely eldritch abstraction that's okay too.

post-8022-0-34897100-1452019384.jpg post-8022-0-54849100-1452019441.jpg


I've been painting the low-hanging fruit here, the minis that are essentially done except for some finishing touches, in this case the bases. After this they require more work and probably won't come as fast.





ETA: Show off thread of the Hasslefree Scooby Gang

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Finished is absolutely the best! Even if it is low hanging fruit.... How does Witch Hazel look from the front?

Pretty fair, I think.




Didn't get as many done today, but I took pictures of some progress, which I'll post later.  I may make some Show-Off threads for some of the cooler figures (I really do love this Willow one).

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