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Pingo's Conga Line of Half-Finished Minis

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That's very impressive!


I've only managed 10 for the year so far.

It's not even three weeks in yet. 10 for the year is great!

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Falling a little behind on updates.  So the next painting session (but not yesterday's) I focused mostly on gluing. 


One figure, Reaper's 03097: Blacksilk, Male Thief (sculpted by Werner Klocke -- I should have guessed from all the buckles) is great, but stands on a narrow base and is prone to tipping over. 



One set of drones from a Ral Partha (Iron Wind) set of Shadowrunner riggers needed assembly.



And one figure needed repair.  The spiky thing my Reaper 60044: Damiel, Iconic Alchemist, is holding in his right hand was badly bent in the package and fell off upon priming (That's it on the lower plinth next to his backpack).



I decided to replace it rather than try to glue it back.  Since I am a clothing designer and fabricator as well as a painter, I have a box of shattered and bent sewing machine needles (always wear eye protection when sewing tough fabrics!).  I sifted through them and found some heavy duty leather needles that looked suitable.  After the use of seriously heavy-duty metal cutters and some more eye protection, this is the assembly I had:



Damiel with his new spiky thing is on the upper right here along with some other minis I painted this day.



Some more paint added here too.




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GREAT STUFF! Keeping up with or, at least, not falling too far behind you is providing moi with a steady supply of motivation. Keep on keeping on!

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Thanks! I didn't include pix of the minis I finished, so here they are.

This is a Shadowrun figure, Iron Wind Metals (formerly Ral Partha) DS-044, "Female Corporate Decker with Laptop and Gun", circa 1992 or thereabouts.  I painted her up as a particular character in the game I'm in, a Filipina who is smuggling arms to the anti-Japanese resistance.  The figure is pretty small, even, I suspect, by 1992 standards.  I strongly suspect she is a Dennis Mize sculpt.  In the third image I have her between two other figures, a Reaper Dennis Mize elf bard and another Ral Partha Shadowrun figure, and elf decker.
post-8022-0-50232700-1453217909.jpg post-8022-0-90180400-1453217916.jpg
And I finished these three, Iron Wind Metals / Ral Partha DS-048 "Male Corporate Decker with Laptop and Pistol" (who I thought looked Native American), Reaper 50088: Sheila Valentine, Archaeologist, and the man from the IWM / Ral Partha set 20-524 Riggers & Drones.




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I really need to get going. Your progress, even if some of it is low hanging fruit, is what I aspire to! Keep up the amazing work!

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One thing I haven't touched on is what these minis mean to me. 


Some of them, like Professor Laura Pringle, Rex, Dark Future Hero, and Sheila Valentine, Archeologist, are from the first batch of figures my husband gave me as presents after I came back to painting minis. 


Lyrie Akenja herself is the first mini I bought after twenty years off from painting and playing with minis.


Most of them have sat, half painted and staring at me from the corner of my studio as I've worked out thoughts and practices on how to approach painting. 


And now I'm finally bringing them to life.


Anyhow, life responsibilities meant my time was limited yesterday, so I focused in on these two to finish them. These are two of the earliest figures I purchased, right after Lyrie Akenja.  They are 50001: Sascha Dubois, Timechaser, sculpted by Julie Guthrie and Bob Ridolfi, and 60052: Almah, Merchant Princess by Julie Guthrie.

post-8022-0-65494500-1453293188.jpg post-8022-0-38514900-1453293194.jpg



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So this morning I sat down at my work area to varnish those last two minis and a little voice said "Eh, that's enough."  It's been a fortnight and a bit (about sixteen days, I think).


So I'm declaring the end of the Conga Line.


Some figures remain undone.  They will be set aside for later needs.


Meanwhile, these are the figures I finished in the last couple of days:


That's six more humans, three from Reaper and three from Iron Wind Metals (Ral Partha).




So for a final breakdown of Pingo's January 2016 Conga Line of Half-Finished Minis, formerly of the shelf of shame:


Out of (ulp) around 60 uncompleted figures in the initial photo, 41 have been completed:


25 Reaper figures

7 Hasslefree

4 Ral Partha (Iron Wind Metals)

4 Thunderbolt Mountain

1 Malifaux


Of these there are:


21 humans

10 monsters

8 elves

2 other




Off to other projects now.  Thanks for following along with me.


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Very inspirational. Your faces are very good, love the eyes especially.


And I have a fear my uncompleted works number similar to yours. Maybe I will have to do this one day.

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Very well done! Congrats on finishing up a fairly significant number of figures, and thanks for bringing us along for the ride.

Also, thanks for the inspiration; I managed to finish off a few figures that I've had hanging around for a long time almost done.

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