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In rounding up figures to log what I had painted last year, I turned up lots of half-finished minis.   Some of them had little bits I was unhappy with; some need repair; some I had lost interest in

A few more. This is Hasslefree Miniature's not-Scooby-Doo gang: HFN024 "Hamlet" the great dane, Velma (HFN002 "Louise"), Daphne (HFN003 "Felicity"), Shaggy (HFN004 "Wolsey"), and Fred (HFN005 "Barney

Developed a bunch of the greens, especially on grassy bases.  You can see the additions best on the Evil Fish Priest (have to look up his SKU and formal name) on the left.     I finished 77180:

Posted Images

A few more. This is Hasslefree Miniature's not-Scooby-Doo gang: HFN024 "Hamlet" the great dane, Velma (HFN002 "Louise"), Daphne (HFN003 "Felicity"), Shaggy (HFN004 "Wolsey"), and Fred (HFN005 "Barney"); as well as Hasslefree's not-Willow-Rosenberg from "Buffy the Vampire Slayer", (HFA041 "Witch Hazel").





I found some resin skulls and things to add to the bases. The candelabrum on Velma's base was too fragile and snapped off while I was prying her off her blue-tac jar. So I glued it down flat and figured that works anyway. Good thing I didn't try to paint the candles lit.



"Witch Hazel" is really a beautiful little figure, with graceful lines. I tried to paint her base to look like traffic lights seen from far, far above, but if it just looks like a vaguely eldritch abstraction that's okay too.

post-8022-0-34897100-1452019384.jpg post-8022-0-54849100-1452019441.jpg


I've been painting the low-hanging fruit here, the minis that are essentially done except for some finishing touches, in this case the bases. After this they require more work and probably won't come as fast.





ETA: Show off thread of the Hasslefree Scooby Gang

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Finished is absolutely the best! Even if it is low hanging fruit.... How does Witch Hazel look from the front?

Pretty fair, I think.




Didn't get as many done today, but I took pictures of some progress, which I'll post later.  I may make some Show-Off threads for some of the cooler figures (I really do love this Willow one).

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    • By Samedi
      All theatres and event locations in Switzerland are closed again, so it's back to short-time work for me.
      I figured I might as well use the extra time I now have to confront the minis that have accumulated on my shelf of shame. While I have enough unpainted minis to last me for a lifetime (or more...) there were a few I gave up on for one reason or another. Those are the ones ending up on this shelf. Having enough of their accusing stares, I'm going to tackle them, one by one. Some will be fun, some will mean I have to face my nightmares from the past, all will teach me valuable lessons.
      This rules I set for myself:
      Project runs until my regular work starts again - or until the shelf is cleared (I really hope for the former...) For every two minis I finish I may pick a new one from my collection of unpainted minis (but I don't have to) I will try to post an update every other day or so, mostly to keep me motivated because a lot of this isn't necessarily fun. Those minis all ended up on the shelf for a reason.
    • By Pingo
      Coincidentally, I had this figure very nearly done two days ago when the sad news of Diana Rigg’s passing was made public.
      It always was a tribute to her incandescent portrayal of Emma Peel in the old British TV show “The Avengers”, but now it’s a memorial as well. Requiescas in pacem, Ms. Rigg.
      The figure is “Pandora King (Classic)” from Crooked Dice miniatures. Crooked Dice has a minis game based on cult TV and they’ve produced a lot of different figures suitable for that sort of storytelling.





    • By LordDave
      So.  At the start of Reapercon live 2020, my hobby room was a semi organized space, that wasn't really planned out.  I also had not taught online so I had to create an area to do that.  This meant shuffling things around to clear up space for a PC, cameras, class supplies etc.  Post Reapercon I was left with a huge mess, as more shuffling occurred to not only teach, but to take a few courses.  Here are a few shots of my space on the last day of Reapercon...

      So... one of my sons had moved out in mid 2019... he had left his room like this.  I called it his long term storage

      Thus began a journey to make a space that would be better suited for painting, sculpting, teaching and storing the hoard that is my backlog.  First few days were just getting his stuff out and repainting the room.

      Then, my wife helped me with refinishing the floor

      Then Saturday, I started moving every thing up to the new space...
      Lots of stuff

    • By Pingo
      Happy birthday, @TheAuldGrump and @Inarah. I hope you enjoy this. Notes follow after the photos.







      This is Grenadier’s Hippogriff, #138 from the Fantasy Lords series way back in 1983, now sold in lead-free pewter by Mirliton Miniatures, Italy. It’s well sculpted, with securely fitting wings.
      I wanted to paint something different from the common hippogriff colorings, something with a little challenge to it. So I decided to go with several black and white patterned creatures. The front end is based on an osprey, the wings on a hoopoe’s, and the hindquarters on a zebra, all somewhat modified to suit the figure and to blend where the shifts happen.
      Whenever you’re going to paint a chimeric model, a creature made up of the parts of other creatures, it’s a good idea to go look at real animals to see how their colors and feathers and skins look, and also how they blend into other things. If nothing else, there are excellent visual resources on the internet.
      Technical notes:
    • By MusicalFeline
      So, recently me, my dad, and my grandpa*, most of whom are excellent woodworkers (with the exception of me) made a collaborative effort at making me a new shelf for my minis, as my old one was just a board nailed into the wall. A pretty piece of scrap, but scrap none the less. 
      Continuing the trend, we used only scrapwood for this shelf. Thus, no cost, except for some stain (which I stole from my dad, so uh, no cost there either).
      *My grandpa is no joke Santa Claus. A bit of a potbelly, big bushy white beard, glasses, likes cookies and milk, and get this - he makes toys.
      Right now it's just sitting atop a bookshelf, but I may hang it up on the wall if I'm so inclined.

      Doesn't look the prettiest, but not bad for being made solely of scrapwood!
      It's also now a dishonor to me, as there are waaaay too many unpainted minis on that shelf. That will soon change, however... 
      Note: We did put in an extra notch, as you see at the top. The boards that are the shelves get really stuck in that one, plus it leaves no room for my big minis, so I decided to leave that one vacant.
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