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Pingo's Conga Line of Half-Finished Minis

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In honor of the sad news about David Bowie's passing I booted this little fella to the front of the queue.



He's a (modern Ironwind Metals casting of a) vintage 1993 Ral Partha Shadowrun elf decker -- because all the male Shadowrun elves were blatantly based on Bowie's Goblin King from "Labyrinth".


And after much brushworking and more detail than I meant to do for tabletop figures (isn't that always the way?), this day I finished Ironwind Metals  20-572 Elven Decker (Male) and Reaper 60079: Lyrie Akenja by Julie Guthrie.





post-8022-0-92677200-1452604613.jpg post-8022-0-87475900-1452604620.jpg


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I finished the Tom Meier elves from Thunderbolt Mountain and the Reaper Bones ogre.



The Thunderbolt Mountain wood elves are tiny, with really minuscule faces and realistic proportions.  I stood them between a couple of Reaper elves (03566: Valloa, Elf Thief and 77131: Finaela, Pirate) to show the scale difference.



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Those TBM elves are great!

They are. They're the most beautiful minis I've ever painted. Tom Meier has an amazing capacity to sculpt miniature works of art with highly individualized bodies and faces and all sorts of tiny unexpected details.


I like them all, but I'd like to especially point out the elf lady on the right in the lavender and blue feather-like dagged cloak, next to Finaela. She hasn't got the standard body type. She's a little plump, a little round-bellied, and she's still a beautiful and elegant elf lady.

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Another session's work.


I'd fallen behind on final varnishing, so I put a thinned down coat of gloss medium on the week's figures so far.  I have found that too thick and glossy a coat seems to get in the way, especially on Bones, so I aim for just enough to protect the paint underneath without getting too shiny.



I aimed for getting these three done, since all of them only needed the addiditon of a few mostly browns.  This turned out to be something of famous last words.



Anyhow, here's where I got,but the only one that's totally finished this time is 03155: Vandora Waverunner, Pirate by Bob Ridolfi.



I painted her as a PC for a campaign.  She comes from a region of the world where the geometry is hyperbolic, à la M. C. Escher's artworks.  She's a ship's captain who doesn't quite understand the geometry of the normal world; the belowdecks on her ship are rather larger and more intricate than they should be seen from the outside. 


There are clues to her origin.  Her hat is an impossible shape based on a misunderstanding of a flat image of a plain old cocked hat (not Ridolfi's fault; it's become a standard trope by now) -- no real hat can be bent like that.  And the image on her map is a graph of a hyperbolic plane where right angles make hexagons instead of squares.


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It occurs to me that I use a lot of different techniques to paint.
For example, here are two figures that are blocked out but not yet finished.  They are very different.
On the left is one of the Stonehaven Half-orcs which I started with a bit of transparent Red Iron Oxide, then very wet washes of different violets mixed from Phthalo Green and Quinacridone Magenta, adding lights and highlights in a mixed opaque cream-yellow while the violet paint was still wet.
This is something of an unpredictable seat-of-the-pants technique where you have to move really fast, but the results can be stunning.
On the right is Reaper's 50001: Sascha Dubois, Time Chaser.  She is blocked in a little more traditionally, with specific, distinct colors laid in clearly one after the other.
Anyhow, today I worked some on each of these, but what I finished were these:
Reaper 50016: Rosie, Chronotechnician, Malifaux Whiskey Golem WYR20603, and Reaper 77212: Tiik Baron

Reaper 77215: Eregris Darkfathom and 77267: Kallaguk, Troll King

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A new week has started, so it's time for a round-up of what I painted in the second week of the Conga Line.



Not quite as many as the first week -- on the other hand, some of the figures the first week were all done except for basing.  Week two saw 15 figures finished:

Three humans (assuming the Evil Fish Priest is one inside all that regalia), eight elves, one Ogre, one four-armed humanoid fish, one swamp troll, and one whiskey golem.  Nine figures are Reaper, four Thunderbolt Mountain, one Ral Partha (Iron Wind) and one Malifaux.

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