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02190 Angel of Light

tiniest rhombus

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It looks great, and is the picture of a perfect archetypical nativity angel in her blue and golden yellow!


Try getting more level with the figure when taking your photos, so it looks more like if you were taking a photo of an actual person. Other than that, I think your photo lighting and color look just fine.

Edited by Chris Palmer
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She could be one of those really detailed porcelain angels.

Awe thanks!

nice work on the blue shading!

Thank you, I'm pleased with it. It was a lesson in shading cloth that's for sure.

She looks angelic.


Great job TR, and I do think you nailed the yellow!

Thanks! I'm so so happy with the yellow. I've struggled mightily with that color. What a lucky girl I am to have found Corporea's lovely angel as an excellent study in yellow.

She is LOVELY. Perhaps it is the colors, but the Angel has an aura about her that suits the subject perfectly. RIGHTEOUSLY WELL DONE!

Thank you kindly. Blue and yellow were my Grandma's favorite colors. I'm glad they suit the mini so well. Edited by tiniest rhombus
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