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Undead Outlaw as Saint of Killers


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This year, my ongoing project is superhero and comic themed.  So far I have completed the undead outlaw as my version of the Saint of Killers from Preacher.


For the diehard fans of that series, yes I know he isn't undead and he certainly didn't have a skull for a face, but I think this is still a fitting mini for him.  For those not familiar, here is a link to a picture that pretty much sums him up: http://i41.tinypic.com/69qj54.jpg


I was going for both faded and dusty with his clothing and I think I have captured it pretty well in both respects.


Waiting on me to practice my fine detailing more is Nick Fury.  I will be doing a SHIELD logo on his itty bitty shoulder.





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I saw a picture of a guy in make up to look like @$$face.  I didn't know AMC was looking at that series, I know Constantine did an episode similar to storyline.

Yes, it's coming this spring, I believe. Preview looked okay, but it's AMC, so...PG-13 at best.

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Nice work.


I hear AMC is going to do a "Preacher" series. I can't help but wonder if they're going to try and do the Saint of Killers. Not to mention that guy with the face.

I know they will mess it up, just from looking at the cast. Preacher is just too provocative and gritty for American television I'd guess.. 

But I cross my fingers that it'll live up to the graphic novels. It's some of the best stuff ever made in my opinion. Just my type of dark humor. 

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