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2016 Annual contest discussion..


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Those are categories, we need a theme or the turnout will be unmanageable.

Why would it be unmanageable?


It gives even distribution for Reaper and non Reaper models. Its meant to oush more for Reaper. Chances are if you don't have a Reaper model that's not 54mm but smaller, you'll probably have plenty that are over that. I easily have at least ten that aren't Reaper that fit over 54mm, busts included. Then with squad or diorama, that gives plenty and unlimited ideas/numbers across the board. All I'm saying is those categories are fine, but it needs a theme. Theme will help limit and control it.


I tend to like themes more because then it narrows the categories for me and I can take it and run with it. Without a theme I may dither for like... ever. Lol. But just my two cents!


Limiting entries is good too. Not because there may be a mass of people entering, but because then us slower painters aren't throwing away our brushes when the really fast painters announce they've already accomplished six etc entries and are working on their next! :p ok maybe not really but it helps imo to have a smaller goal, I always get more done personally

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I think this year's turnout, with no theme, was of a pretty reasonable size. I see no reason why we should seek to limit the overall number of entries, which a theme would certainly do. I really don't understand the connection between theme and manufacturer, either. Surely any theme would be likely to eliminate equal numbers of Reaper and non-Reaper models?


As for limiting entries per person, that's reasonable, I suppose, but doesn't really seem necessary. This year, we had one person enter 6 minis overall (2 Reaper and 4 from other manufacturers) and a scattering of 4-entry participants (all of whom had at most 1 non-Reaper entry). The majority of entries, however, came from painters with just one entry, plus a handful with two or three entries. So it really doesn't seem like an issue. I suppose we could restrict it to a total of three entries, or maybe 2 entries per category, but such a restriction would have made minimal difference in this year's competition and so I see no reason to implement it for next year's either. (A total-entries cap of 3 would have reduced the total number of entries by 7, out of 53 total entries, and a cap of 2 entries per category would have affected just one person, who would have had to enter 2 minis fewer.) If this becomes a serious issue in the future, it would be a reasonable restriction to implement, but it doesn't seem to be necessary now. In addition, remember that a painter can only win once in each category, so a dozen entries is no more advantageous than a single spectacular entry.


Overall, I think this year's contest template worked very well, and I agree there is basically no reason to change it. I think the three single-figure categories (Reaper 40-99mm, Reaper 100mm+, and Non-Reaper 40mm+) worked very well as they currently stand and can be used as-is in this year's contest. I'm amenable to expanding the diorama category to include squads and dioramas without large figures. If this were to happen, squad entries would have to be clearly identifiable as part of the same group, rather than an eclectic collection of minis that happen to be labeled as an adventuring party. I think this would balance the need for complex basing and stories in dioramas with the need to paint a number of different minis in the same style. (If you like the eclectic-style party, put them in a diorama!) We can also stipulate that the party be at least 50% Reaper minis to qualify for this category, in order to maintain Reaper prize support.


So tl;dr: I vote the categories this year be Reaper 40-99mm, Reaper 100mm+, Reaper Diorama/Squad (no size restriction), and Non-Reaper 40mm+, with no theme, and no restrictions on entries.

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Well, if folks really want a theme, how about a list of optional themes? Sort of an extra challenge level. (Oh, you beat the game on hard? Well now beat it on NIGHTMARE MODE!!! mwuhahahaha!!!)


There could be the limited palette theme, the reapercon theme (horror for this year), the somethingsomethingsomething theme... and stuff... >.>

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