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Paladin Question: Love or Honor?


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Which god are you paladin of?


I also believe this is a huge deal. Depending on the tenets of the Paladin's faith, there are things one Paladin will do that another won't do, another big thing is the personality of the paladin, they aren't robots, they are mortal and they must make their own choices whether right or wrong as they grow up and become paladins and continue on through their lives.


Most answers are not clear cut black/white, so a paladin must follow their heart and the teachings of their faith.

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Let's just assume a general LG philosophy upholding the values therein.


I think wargamer has a firm grasp on the actual situation.

Again, that's waaaay too broad for me, more specifics are needed to answer this. My version of LG philosophy varies with the god(dess) of the paladin, the teachings, the tenets, the codes, everything changes from one faith to the next. I don't play any two paladins the same, they are always different people who will make different decisions based on their experiences and their faiths. 

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Not sure I understand the question.


You share love with another person. Is this a spouse/significant other/ close relative thing?


Someone else loves you and you are to honor them. Does this mean a third party is in love with you and your loved one (spouse/SO/relative) is telling you that you should have intimate relations with this other person?


"...and you don't." Don't feel love back for the third person or don't "share the wealth" (so to speak)?


If this is as I described above, it would very much depend on the character, the relationship they have with their loved one, who the third party is (and the kind of person they are), and a host of other factors.


Not enough data in relation to gameworld, moral and cultural views various interpersonal relationships, and even how the deity of the paladin in question would respond to such a request.


Depending on the relationship dynamics, how this is viewed could be either very creepy (and Beekeeper territory), or just some teenaged soft pr0n waiting to happen.


Regardless of the dynamics, if it is love between two people, one person has no right to ask their loved one to "honor" someone else because this third person loves them. Also, even if the loved one initially agrees, there should be no expectation they will follow through in actual deed. No can be said by any party at any time for any reason.

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Depends on what you mean by "honor".  Is it paying due respect to rank,  or is it showering of a debatably deserved homage to a character?  What do the tenets of your religion and your paladin's oath say? 


What's considered "lawful" and "good" in your world? Modern american values? Is slighting a person merely fuel for gossips, or is it grounds for a duel of honor? 


What are the repercussions of your choice in your game world? 

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