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Resolutionary Painting Challenge: January 2016

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I'm in too!


Finished January 2016
1.) Reaper Gauntlet Barbarian

2.) Barbaric Splendor 002 Datragg Invictus
3.) Ral Partha Aquilonian Heavy Infantry with Sword
4.) Reaper 03088: Bagheera, Demonic Ape

5.) Converted Fenryll Serpent Cult Priestess


WIP January 2016

1.) Converted Reaper 03461: Goldar the Barbarian

2.) Red Box Games Belegast the Bloodthirsty

3.) Barbaric Splendor 001 Orsa Stormbringer

4.) Converted Bronze Age generic blank shamaness

5) Female Barbarian sculpted by David Drage

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Painted four of eight characters miniatures from a board game called "Specter Ops".

1) Cobra

2) The Prophet

3) The Beast

4) The Puppet

Link to all four: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/66878-specter-ops-board-game-miniatures-part-1/
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Added link.

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Placeholder! This is the month I will dive back into this! ::): Excited about the challenge, it will give me a chance to work the bugs out of my aurora idea for Yephima (it hasn't worked the way I expected).








Does the bonus wizard count as one of the 4, or is it separate?


EDIT: I don't believe I got anything painted this month.



--OneBoot :D

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I'm in again for this year, though I may not make the monthly quotas.  Even though larger figures count for more, I want to take extra time on them to really do my best.  We will see how it goes.



But for now, I've got a start:


1) 77147 Mummy Lich, ending my string of mummies.

2-9) 77378 Caryatid Columns





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Where did we end up on terrain for this? Counts or no?


Most terrain, being fairly simple, count for 1.


Terrain is either 1 or at most 2 on the rules list in the other thread. I figured if I painted some I would just ask.


If somebody paints Baba Yaga's Hut Zeke can ponder if that is terrain or a giant after they finish it.

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