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If I'm spending a C note and more, I want a hell of a lot more than I'm seeing here. http://toyland.gizmodo.com/roll-dice-to-smash-in-zombie-heads-with-the-walking-dea-1755043808

Mantic Games have the licence for a skirmish level game set in the Walking Dead comics, kickstarter to commence in February.   Live now   https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1744629938/the-walkin

I love the Walking Dead but, from my experiences with their other projects, I will not be backing this one.  Their fulfillment system is too accident prone and, when mistakes happen, they aren't quick

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I've been following the announcement and comments of this over on Facebook in the hopes the licence would be for FallOut.

C'est le vie.


It's kind of funny as normally I'm all about the minis but in this case I already have sooo many zombie and survivor minis from companies like Reaper, Wargames Factory, and from the various Zombicide games that my only interest in this would be if the ruleset was really really good.


And terrain. I've wanted for so long to be able to make an affordable city block or two to game in (noncardboard) that wouldn't cost me an arm and two legs. If some good looking terrain was on offer I'd be very tempted.


As it is, I've never read the Walking Dead comics, which is what Mantic has the licence to make minis of, nor have I watched the Walking Dead TV show, so my interest is limited.

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It seems a bit odd that they jumped into doing a zombie project when they already have 3 soon to be 4 different zombie plastic kits in their catalog. Deadzone space zombies, KOW ghouls, and KOW zombies, are already available, and then Deadzone is getting gun zombies this summer. I guess this is to fill in modern zombies?

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I think this is a strange licence to acquire. There are already so many modern zombies and survivors out there, most notably zombicide, there would have to be more than just sticking "The Walking Dead" on it and there's only so much you can do with zombies.


I personally think this is bad choice, and won't have the ground breaking impact they are expecting. To me it seems Mantic thought we need a licence to expand and went for the first one that said yes.

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Well, the way they have handled Dungeon Saga ... there is no way they'll get money from me. They have at least two outstanding KS and talk about starting another one? And at the same time claim that the problems they are having with Dungeon Saga are due to the fact that handling Dungeon Saga and Kings of War II (and the Sci Fi one) was a bit too much .... oh the irony.

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I bought Mars Attacks because I love me some Martians, and until Mantic did it, Gene Van Horne's were the best there were.


...but zombies? 15 years ago, maybe, but not now.

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TWD isn't about just about zombies. It's a character-driven survivor series. And the comic book compendiums are a good price. :lol:


If you've been following the TWD boardgame licenses, the boardgames have been a terrible disappointment. I'm not sure how Bang: TWD is, though.


Daedeleh from Dakka:



Confirmed now that we're allowed to gush. Here's my braindump. 

It's a skirmish game, not board game. Inches not squares. 
Players each control a band of survivors fighting against each other. You build your gang like other skirmish games and campaign, injury & advancement rules are a core aspect. There are rules for "special characters" or whatever they are called (I played with Rick & Carl) but I've no idea how you'll go about hiring them in the actual game as opposed to generics. The scenario we tested was a small gang on gang fight over supplies placed randomly all over the board. Fairly simple but what I gathered to be a fairly typical pick up game. 
Zombies are part of the scenery and AI controlled. They move towards loud noises so if you have a gun then you need to choose the right time to use it. Ammo is limited and you struggle to get more than a few shots off before needing to find looted ammo on the board (or if you purchased spare ammo when building your band). Most models can handle getting attacked by 1 zombie. 2 start to be a problem and 3+ means you're going down. 
One of the fun-time tactics was running behind a stronger opponent, firing a gun randomly which draws the zombies straight at your opponents model. Chomp chomp. Problem is that your opponent shortly gets up as a walker. 
The most Zombicide reminiscent rule is an escalation tracker, otherwise the guidelines is to stay away from how Zombicide does things. Rather than being based on how many zombies you kill, it's based on noise. Each time you fire a gun or do something noisy (like running or shouting) the escalation tracker goes up and the stronger and more numerous the zombies get. You can forgo actions to "shush" the escalation and drop it down so you have some great matchups where one players has a gang based on stealth and the other armed with a gakload of guns. The guns blazing player goes in making as much of a racket as possible while the other player tries to de-escalate it. At the end of each turn you draw a card to see how many zombies "activate" and who activates them (you, your opponent or a bit of basic "amble towards the nearest car" AI). The higher the tracker, the more zombies activate, in addition to those which are automatically triggered by noise. 
Mechanics were very fun and intuitive. It took a while to get used to personally because I'm just used to flat D6 x+ rolls, but the dice rolls are based on coloured D6 with different symbols on them. Like with X-Wing but with several different variations of dice. Your gun might give you one red and one blue dice to shoot with, both with different chances of rolling what you require. We all had the mechanics down within a turn but then had to learn how to manage the escalation tracker. 
The pre-production models I saw were fantastic. Right up with the best of Dungeon Saga. 
Yes it's a zombie game, yes zombies have been done to death and all the rest of it. I'm not a huge Walking Dead fan either - before playing this I'd stopped watching the series towards the end of season 3. However, I fething LOVED it. I had an absolute blast playing it and it felt more like a Necromunda/Gorkamorka/Probably other games like Frostgrave that I've still not played than anything else. It was a really fun game (cue derail of "but how do you DEFINE fun man...). Everyone at the playtesting loved it and said that regardless of the license/setting, the game was fantastic fun.
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Tbh, I'm concerned they'll make the same mistake they did with Mars Attacks, which was make a base game that was practically a board game except it came with a crappy thin folding sheet. That would've had so much more mass market appeal if they could've been arsed to incluad a board instead...

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Check their FB, although how they'll KS it and have it retail by the end of the year I don't know.


Considering the money I didn't spend on crappy TWD boardgames and licensed products,  I'll have $100 to pledge. Still gonna pick up Season 1 DVD. :lol:

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I love the TWD comics and like the TV series. I think I will get the rule set (using with Zombicide minis) and exclusives. Eventually terrain, if it is good.


But if I get more, before retail, I do not know, yet. I do not like how they handled Dungeon Saga book boxes and having around 19 missing scenarios in the Dungeon Journal.


Making a TWD skirmish game is a good idea. They can get many fans from the comics and series. That they have fantasy and scifi zombies must not mean that there is no reason for a good skirmish version. And what I heard about the rules from dakkadakka is interesting.


I don't think it could be compared it with Mars Attacks, because it was a board game. A skirmish miniature game is a completely different niveau, like Warlord made from Reaper Miniatures or Mortheim.


And yes, I wanted also a Fallout licence!! Or Mad Max. Or both together...

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I would be interested in this if only it has everything Zombicide does not. A richer (preferably random generated) story-plot and character development, as you play, with random bad events and living enemy combatants in addition to zombies. This game would have to be pretty unique and exceptionally well developed before I will buy it. If it's just a zombicide with different rules then, meh, TWD or not, I won't care.

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