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The Walking Dead: All Out War


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My guess is this is the very base game which will NOT cost $100 in the shops. Backing the project, will cost you over 100, but I guess you'll get a lot extra (like it happened with Dungeon Saga).


On the other hand, I'm so disappointed with Mantic's behavior concerning the Dungeon Saga Kickstarter that I'll not be backing this (no matter what and made easier by the fact that I'm not interested in the setting).

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Looking at the image of the boxed game I wonder if there are plans for model vehicles, buildings (like the Mars Attacks ones) and better quality counters.

The booster sets may also go some way to filling the spend gap, but seeing Mantic's other Kickstarters I have no worries that the end will be well worth the price point.


But, if they don't do Daryl......

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My guess is this is the very base game which will NOT cost $100 in the shops. Backing the project, will cost you over 100, but I guess you'll get a lot extra (like it happened with Dungeon Saga).


Bell of Lost Souls says that retail will be $50/£35.


The promo shot shows 18 miniatures, and Mantic said (in the comments to one of their blog postings) that a dozen walkers would sound out a game nicely.


Not a bad haul for the price point.  Will I be in?  No.  Nothing against Mantic as I've never backed one of their projects, but I just don't see myself ever really getting the opportunity to play.

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So this has gone live, and funded in a blink of an eye, now chasing the obligatory really-should-have-been-in-the-base-game-in-the.first-place strech goals.


And it is going to need to fund a great many stretch goals to match the "percieved value for money"  singular pledge cost of USD 125 if the base game is going to retail at USD 50. 


I predict lots of butt-hurt whining and raging negativity will happen, especially in light of the Dungeon Saga reprints and Warpath material switch.

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Does anyone else think an "early bird" pledge level should just be a level open only for the first day of the campaign rather than a number? The pledge delay makes it terrible from a user/buyer standpoint and the page reloading to get them is bad for kickstarter.

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Whilst I think Kickstarter might be well served by allowing time-limited pledge levels, it'd also have to force companies like Mantic and CMON to actually use those. And no way they're going to bite the hand that feeds them...


Wait, did you mean companies like Mantic and CMON should offer an EB level that after 24 hours (or whatever) they close on their end? Like hell they're going to do anything that might jeopardize the 'funded in the blink of an eye' hype...


Well I got an EB before bothering to read, just in case. Odds on that being one of those EBs that get tossed back into the hat eventually. Not really impressed with it yet, and more survivors/zombies aren't going to change that.

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BGG'ers have been unhappy with EB's since forever. Some KS -- including Mantic -- have had pledges and offers that were limited by time (eg. convention weekend specials) rather than quantity.


I'm just irritated that we're spending 10K+ on a mold of a tertiary character I can't even remember -- despite reading the comic series two or three times.

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Took a look and I'm hugely disappointed. If it's based off the comics, where are the main characters? I see Rick, Carl, and Dale. The project had to unlock Shane and Lori?? What about Tyrese, Glenn, Michonne, Maggie, and some of the people from the Governor's camp? While on the subject of human miniatures, why would I ever field a miniature that looks like (s)he's going to take a number 2 in their pants in a battle type game?


--- edit ---

Just looked at the newest update. Michonne and Andrea. 

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Good news: They're not saving Michonne for retail-only waves.


Bad news: She looks like a mechanic.




I mean, compare these miniatures with, say, CMON's Zombicide survivor range:  http://zombicide.com/img/rm_minis_s.jpg


And the $15 MSRP Michonne action figure costs less than her $20 MSRP booster pack (multiple figures): http://cdn3.volusion.com/ondfq.dtexo/v/vspfiles/photos/MFWD45717-2T.jpg?1422492707

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