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Thank you so much Orlando for keeping up with this thread. It helps out so much! 


As it was stated before we hit the funding level for stretch goal #1 MidKnight and now onto stretch goal #2 Damien Kane. This has been an amazing ride so far and I want to thank you all for your support.





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Feb 7 2016
Just a quick update.
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Just wanted to let you heroes know that I have to take an emergency trip to OKC for the next few days. I will be monitoring the Kickstarter wile I'm out and I may not be able to answer any emails till I get back on Wednesday but, I will answer them asap.

Just a quick note this Kickstarter is doing amazing, and we are well on our way to Unlock stretch goal #3. If we can get to $2,500, I will once again put up a teaser of the next stretch goal so all can see. Spread the word about MidKnight Heroes and Super Chibi as there is much more to come.

Thank you for the support, it mean allot.


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They'll be similar, and the quoted sizes fit well


(I suspect a fair number of the backers come from the Chibi Gamers facebook page which features a fair amount of impact and SDE stuff) and they've shown us a bunch of previews etc)


but since this is a new company it's hard to be certain (but you know you want them......)

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MidKnight Heroes Logo
Hello Heroes, it’s time for another update and it may be big. In this update we will talk about a few things from this KS, how we did it, how we will be doing other KS in the future and the status of the game and current sculpts. So let’s get to it. 
First off let’s talk about how this KS is handled, as we have gotten allot of comments via private message about this. First off we here at Midknight Heroes not only want an easy experience for the backer but for us a well. The more extras and add-on’s on a KS makes it much more difficult for us to handle it on the back end and that means more time we have to take to make sure no mistakes are made. This translates into a longer time before you get your items and well, we did not want that. To solve this problem we went with a very straight forward approach with one pledge level and you get it all, no question and no extra add-ons. This allowed us to make it easy on the backer and easy on us but, it does have its downsides. One of the down sides is that it means less profit or extra cash for us to get things done. You see when you do a KS you need to have a little extra figured in to make sure you can get the product out to your store and others once the project is backed. We did that but because of the method we chose on this KS, it means a much smaller portion for us. We are 100% ok with that as we are more about the product then the profit. The next thing it did was make the overall funding numbers lower. What we mean by that is, if you have extra add-ons you can bump up the numbers with lower backers to get everything done. With our style right now you can’t do that, so the numbers will be much lower but again we knew that going in. It meant that stretch goals will be harder to get unlocked and that’s why we only planned to have four. It also meant that we needed to front load the stretch goal to make it work, and that is what we did as the deeper you go it’s harder to unlock the stretch goal and cuts into our extra cash after the fact. Even with all those cons so to speak the fact that it was 100% easier for us on the back end was something we had to do, so that is why we chose that method. We hope that the product would speak for its self and our fan base would spread the word and so far it has worked. So please keep it up as we need more backers to get more of the stretch goals unlocked. 
Moving forward with any Kickstarter, this is the method we will be the one we use for the next few Kickstarters, as it’s just 100% easier for us on the back end. As we grow this format can and may change but for now expect new Kickstarters that we do to be like this for now. For example the next Kickstarter we do will be for the game later this year, and it will be the same. One pledge level and you get it ALL. In fact the game will be special because it will come with 4 miniatures to start (Kickstarter only) and then open up extra characters and other cool stuff as stretch goals. Again one pledge and you get it all. 
Speaking of the game, Super Chibi Clash is on track to Kickstart around the May time frame. We have the game done and ready to open up “Open Beta†of the game. How we are going to do this, is at the end of the month, we will have a PnP (Print and play) version ready and if you want to order a box set (for stores and such) you can at $25 + shipping. Now understand one thing. On the Playtest version box set we will not be making any money off of it and the art will not be final and will not come with any miniatures. Also this will not be the cost at retail, this is just the cost to make it one at a time (not in bulk). Those who playtest the game we ask that not only do you play the game but show it off and spread the word. Give us feedback to make it the best we can. The core mechanics of the game will be set but, we will need help balancing the character creation, conditions and so forth. We will also be limiting the box playtest sets so when we do open it up get it fast. Now no set moves will be set for the characters in this KS at this time for the playtest as we want you to create them and tell us how the creation works and if it’s balanced. When we release the final game we will then provide core moves for the characters in this KS. 
Now a few things about the game that we want to share right now with you. Currently we are playing around with an idea for the board. Right now the game is setup on a 9 x 18 hard bi fold board. We are toying with the idea of changing that to a 9 x 18 vinyl mat. Now this really does not change the production cost of the core game (box set) but it does allow us to get extra “levels†very easy for expansion in the game. We would love to have a mat for each character as it’s their home level just like in the old 2d fighting games. Doing a vinyl mat would allow us to do that very easy. So we are going to look into what we think would be better to use for the game. Right now the playtest box set will come with the hard bi fold board. 
Logo: Right now we have the logo for Super Chibi Clash that was created by Natakue but, we are thinking about changing it to reflect a new direction we are taking in the story. The new direction will be more of a darker tone but still have the things you all love with Chibi. Again remember that this game is to bring all the worlds of Super Chibi together for a clash. Normally the others characters from across the worlds would not mix. (normaly) 
Characters and Sculpts are one going. Right now all sculpts that we have are good to go and ready to print out but, we are waiting to see how this current KS goes before we order any more sculpts. As for characters we have over 10 plus characters designed right now and ready for sculpting. 
Current stretch goal #2 Damien Kane
Now we have had a few remarks about the style of our Chibi’s that I feel needs to be addressed. More than one backer has expressed that they are not happy with MidKnight and Elvia. It was expressed that they are “To Sexy†and not practical. Now understand here at MidKnight Heroes we understand, we really do but we also understand that there is a market for both practical and not so practical armors. We would never go overboard like some other companies have, and do almost no clothing or armor on our miniatures but, we understand that some people out there want to see “sexy†versions of some characters and some do not. With that said some of the characters of MidKnight Heroes will have a “sex appeal†to them while some will not but, you can be assured that we will never go 100% over board as some other companies have. 
Let take for example Midknight. MidKnight is our company avatar and will have many more miniatures of her created. Each version will have her looking different as she will have holiday versions, cosplay versions and so forth, and some may be a little sexy and skimpy while others won’t but never 100% nude or taste less. Other characters like the new Elvia design will be more practical but have a bit of sexy in it because let’s face it, women in general are sexy. Just saying. 
For example take a look at our current design of Elvia. This design is for a line of miniatures and game to be released at a later date but, it gives you an example of what we are saying. Sexy and yet practical in a way but, not over the top. 
Elvia concept v.2 for The Omega Saga
So now you know what we are up to and how things are going. Let keep spreading the word about Midknight Heroes. 
Thank you for all your support! 
Natakue and the MidKnight Heroes team 
Edited by Orlando_the_Technicoloured
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Unfortunately, as much as I like the minis, I don't think we're going to see much more growth.

Well to be honest, I find the minis are a weird combination. Unless you're a collector, who needs a sci fi mini, a bikini wearing barbarian and such?


Just my personal opinion but I think it would have been a lot better (and get a lot more pledges) if the styles would have been more similar. Because of the small amount of minis, shipping costs are already high and with minis among them that I don't want/like it's not even an option for me anymore.

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The numbers are still slowly ticking up, so I'd say unlocking the next stretch is realistic, and when we do that makes the pledge better value which with a pinch of luck might just attract enough to get to number four..



and and update



Feb 14 2016
Holiday Update! Stretch goal #3 preview Takata Katzumi the Cynobi Assassin
Special Holiday Update!

I know I said I would show the next stretch goal off when we hit $2,500 but, I figured since it was a holiday why not show him now. Now we still have some funds that needs to be raised for Damien Kane and I feel that he will get unlocked but, I’m going to be honest we have a long way to go to get Takata unlocked. That does not mean we can’t  do it, just saying it will be a challenge.

a327c7b116f2d15a355489646a132a89_originaStretch Goal #3

Now a little but about Takata.

Takata is a Cynobi and he lives in the world of Super Chibi S.E.E.D. a very science fiction world with high tech androids, mecha and all the fun cool stuff you would think of in a sci fi anime. Takata was born to the Katzumi Clan as the son to master swords man. Allot was expected of him and he did not falter in those expectations, in fact he blew past them becoming even better than his father. Takata soon became a master shnobi of his clan and was given the task of protecting the head of the clan from outside threats. All did not go well with this task, as the clan was attacked on all sides and was betrayed by a ranking member of the clan, Sando Katzumi, Sando killed the head of the clan and forced the surviving members to serve him. Because Takata would not submit to his rule and was left for dead.

His body was found by rival clan, the clan of the exiled, the Bomei. The Bomei saved him with science, they grafted his body with cybernetic enhancements and even replaced his right arm with a full robotic arm. You see the Bomei where those who not only followed the old ways, but they also believed in the ever evolving world around them, and they saw Takata as the perfect test subject. To become their first Cynobi, a cyber ninja.

Takata is the first in the world of Super Chibi S.E.E.D. In SCS you will find characters that range from Mecha, Power armored warriors, Tactical soldiers, and much more. He will be sculpted by Heriberto Valle Martinez and will be 30mm and cast is resin and can be used in the upcoming game Super Chibi Clash So let’s see if we can get Damien Kane unlocked and get this bad guy unlocked as well. We have 10 days left I know we can do it, spread the word!

Natakue and the Midknight Heroes team


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Feb 18 2016
5 days left!
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5 days left!

OK here we go, 5 days left in this Kickstarter and to be honest we are kicking BUTT but, we still have more to do. We still need to get Stretch goal #2 unlocked. I know this can be done so let your friends, family, pets, and babysitters know what we are doing. The more backers we get the more minis we get out!

Something cool...

Now for something cool, not related to this KS but our next KS. A few days ago we commissioned the story of Super Chibi Clash from a good friend of ours Tom Haswell from LXG. We had the story ready but, we needed a writer to take what we had and make it sound cool, and that’s Tom. We also started working on the design of Super Chibi Clash we found a great Graphic Designer Sherry Rowland, she will be working her magic on the layout of the cards and the new board design. Oh and speaking of the board we have decided to go with a 9 x 18 vinyl mat instead of a hard board. This will allow us to make more “special†board/mat’s later down the road at a lesser cost and better quality. Its’ a win win!

Thank you all for your support, and let’s see if we can get Damien unlocked.


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Feb 19 2016
Stretch Goal #3, stance on making it an add-on.

 Matt Razincka, a recent backer posted a comment on the comment page about getting Damien Kane unlocked. He wanted to know if I would allow people to add to their pledge as an add-on to get him unlocked. This Kickstarter was not setup to have add-ons but, I understand the desire to get him unlocked. He seems to be the most popular character we have shown so far. At this point I cannot stop you from adding to your pledge in fact some have already done so but, have done is multiples of $30 to get more than one set. So I guess the official stance on this is, If you want to add more to your pledge to get Damien that is fine. If you add it in multiples of $30 you will receive how every many sets of that multiple. For example if you pledge at $60 you will get a two sets of each miniature. If you pledge say an extra $10 to help get Damien unlocked we cannot give you any extra sets but if he does get unlocked you will receive him as honored in the standard set.

As it stands right now each miniature is $10 if you do not take into count the digital book that will come with the set. If 50 backers increase there pledge to $10 it will unlock Damien and the value will still say at $10 a mini for those backers. Now by no means am I saying increase your pledge just making you aware if you do decide to do that how it can affect you.

New Thought!

Now as I type this update and proof read it another thought just came to mind. If you decide to add extra to your pledge and, it is not in multiples of $30, we can do this. For every $10 you add, you will be able to get an extra copy of one of the unlocked models added to your set. It must be an unlocked character though. Now If you add an extra $30 then by default you will receive an extra set of all the miniatures. Now again we are not saying you have to do this, it’s just an option for you if you really want Damien Kane unlocked and move to Takata I hope this helps.


Current Unlocks:

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OK Heroes you asked for it and you got it. The MKH Shop is now open for back end pledges for our Super Chibi Kickstarter.


What does this mean?


It’s simple if you missed the kickstarter and want in, you now have your chance. The back end pledges will run till April 5th and will allow you to pledge as if you were in the Kickstarter. No new stretch goals but, you have access to any and all of the stretch goals that where unlocked.


Just like the Kickstarter shipping will not be charged till it's time to ship. You will receive an invoice vial paypal and once it paid then your item will ship. We are doing it this way for you guy so it matches the backers in the Kickstarter. Once the full shop goes on line, this will not be the case and shipping will be charged on checkout.


So what can you pledge?

Unlike the Kickstarter you will have a little more options. You will be able to pledge at the "Super Chibi" level and get all unlocked miniatures as well as the Digital art book for $30, or you can chose any of the unlocked miniatures at $10 a miniature or you can do both.



Right now we are still on track to ship in July and if that changes for any reason we will let you know. Just like the Kickstarter all of these back end pledges will not ship till July or when the rest of the Kickstarter backers get there product. 


Further updates:

Because of how we will be doing back end pledges we will have to change how we do updates. The updates where only going to be backer only on the Kickstarter site but, since those who pledge via our site cannot see the backer only updates we will be setting the updates to anyone on the Kickstarter page and also posting them on our site as well. This way all can see how the progress is coming.


Thanks for supporting us and spread the word, we have a back end pledges going now. The more we get the more awesome miniatures get put out and the closer we get to making Super Chibi Clash.




*Special little update here

We got our first test print back of Elizabeth and she looks great. We need to get her base done and thicken up a few spots but you can see how she is coming along. 



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Final sculpts are in for the Super Chibi Kickstarter, and here they are. We also have new 360 turnarounds on this site for each character as well if you would like to see them, just hit the "Our Worlds" link on our site and it will take there. All miniatures will be 30mm and cast is resin, and we are still on for a July release at the moment. We are also going to extend the pledge manager for the Kickstarter to the 8th of April instead of the 1st. So, that means extra time for you to get in on these guys. Just head to our shop and make your pledge. 














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Received mine yesterday.  Really nice models, will require a bit of work but doesn't look too bad, and the blister packs are a nice touch.


As per the last update, all of the invoices for shipping are now sent out so this should be complete soon.

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