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MidKnight Heroes Chibis


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So as Jeneki said all the invoices are out and our online store is open now. For the next two weeks we will be having a 20% off sale for those who were not able to back in the Kickstarter. Yes, we do have some pledge boxes on hand and they are on sale in the shop. So if you missed out and want it you can still get them.


Next up is Super Chibi Round 2. We will be taking all the things we learned from this Kickstarter and improving on them with the next, even improving on our casting. Just like the last time, it will have a 4 to 6 month turn around and a very low funding level. We will update you on the status of them next Kickstarter. If you would like to get a set of the first batch you can find them <<<MOD>>> Link Removed>>>




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My rewards have arrived and look good (love the little clam packs)


Since I'm an international backer and we shipped at the end I'm guessing this may be close to complete ?


any folk who backed still waiting shout out otherwise I guess Darsc can lock this one down as successfully finished

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My set has also arrived.

There's a sheet of paper in there I'm not entirely happy with, though.


It recommends using an 'etch primer' on these minis.

But most types of resin works perfectly well with normal primers...


Are they cast with 'Trollcast' Resin?

(I really, really dislike that stuff. )

And seeing the tiny bubbles in the resin, was it Impact! that did the casting?

(Whoever did the casting needs to get a vacuum pump soon.)

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