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Side/over brushing

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Filberts aren't that hard to find. Cat's Tongues are slightly longer than normal Filberts.


www.artbrush.com sells kolinsky filberts.


kalish should have them too.


Kevin probably heard the term 'wetbrushing' from me, at GenCon 2001 or so... ;)


I didn't know what else to call it...


Hey, Crusoe, thanks for the tip on Artbrush. I'll have to check them out. And you are right - Kalish does have Sable Filberts. :drool:


Brush names can be kind of wierd. Sometimes you'll see Cat's Tounge used interchangably with Filbert. Some break it down into "almond filberts" and "round filberts". In that case, an "almond filbert" is the closest thing to a Cat's Tounge.


Almond filberts are a little longer and have a sharper point. Round filberts can be a bit shorter, and have a more rounded point.


I've got a Raphael Sable Round Filbert #2, and the bristles are really a little short for mini use. It was a long-handled brush, and I cut it down. I still like it, though, in spite of its shortcomings (pardon the pun. ::D: ) It is good for basecoating in very tight spots - good coverage and precise control all in one.


I mentioned a couple place you can get these on the "brush preferences" thread and gave links. Jerry's Artorama has a dizzying array of brushes, sizes, and materials. Renaissace Ink has four sizes of Cat's Tounge in Golden Taklon and two in Red sable.


I haven't tried Ren Ink's sable Cat's Tounges, but I have a Mini and (I think) a #4, and I really like both.


Yeah, guys, I have a lot of brushes - from the fabled WNS7 (six in all, various sizes, two are miniatures) to Royal Langnickel Big Kids Brushes (12 real hair brushes, plastic handles and ferrules, $1). Some of the cheapest brushes I own are used about as much as the most expensive.

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