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Thank you!


Cool!  You could make him pop with just the slightest silver highlight (drybrush even) on his armor.  Would give him some more depth and actually make the black appear darker if you just get the edges.

Thanks! You're right, I'll go back and give that a shot.

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Very cool! Try using Tamiya X-27 Clear Red mixed with some black for a cool blood effect ;)

That's exactly what I did. It's a really cool effect; I've used it on a few other figures, too.


The key is to not get too carried away with it.

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He looks great for tabletop. 


I have a thought about the reds, because I use one of two methods when painting them.


Method A ("'eavy metal style")

1:  Base coat in pink.

2:  Paint over two coats with the red of choice (should give you a rich color)

3:  Wash with brown ink/sepia ink.

4:  Highlight with either a pink tone or orange tone.  highlight to taste.


Method B ("Khador Red")

1:  Base in a dark brown-black or brown-yellow (Vallejo "Charred Brown")
2:  Add in a Darker red tone (for me this is Vallejo Scarlett Red)

3:  Add in a rich red tone (Vallejo Gory Red). 

4:  highlight upward to orange as you please.


Method A brings out a really bright red.  Really happy red, or super bloody depending on the red tone you use.  Method B is much more muted and works really well.  You can also start Method B with a medium earth or leather brown and have a slightly lighter tone, while still maintaining a dark richness. 


I hope either of these methods help! 

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Awesome work, I'm loving it. I accidentally bought two of these guys before I  ever started painting, so I'm going to play with them in different ways. I got some of Citadel's Blood for the Blood God, it's been 6 months since I painted the cap of it and it still looks like shiny fresh blood. Norgol's axe is going to get some love.

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