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Battle Cry Painting Competition

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Just putting this out there as I forgot about it until it was too late last year.


For those who want to give a competition a shot, Battle Cry will be held in April (at the Manchester, CT Battlestandard I assume, but they did open an Auburn, MA location last year).


There are several different categories, detail in the link.  There is a fee to enter $10 first fig, $5 each additional entry.  Best in Show qualifies for the Crystal Brush.  I may just go to look at the entries.


They haven't released the actual date yet, I just wanted to put it out there so if someone wanted to paint something for the competition, they would have time.

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Hmm. I have no hope of competing or attending this one, but thanks for posting.


Looking at last year's winners, it's a very interesting competition given the things most painters on these boards focus on. It's not 100% true, but most of our fellow Reaperites tend toward smooth, calculated blends and clean paint. This competition, OTOH, is all about bold, intuitive highlights and heavy weathering.


I like it, a lot, but it's a very different aesthetic school.

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If it was about 20 months later, I'd probably be there.

 Well it's an annual contest so it should still be there 24 months later.


Tempting. I have family up in Connecticut and Massachusetts, somewhere. I see lots of GW in the previous years results and, as Sanael pointed out, a completely different style than I use. Could be a push out of the old comfort zone.

The store hosting it sells and plays GW and Privateer games mostly so it makes sense that their clientele paints that mostly.
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I've got couch (or floor if you have an air mattress or cot) space if you are interested.  I'm about 30 minutes from the CT location (where it's been held in the past).

Cool beans. I'll look into it when the date is announced.


Most likely not going to bring an 'appropriate' entry, just something I have lying around, for fun.

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