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Day/Night Reversible Deluxe City Rooftop Tile Set for RPG


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About this project

  • High-Rise Rooftops 8 x 8" ***Unlocked***
  • Extra Rooftops/Alleys / Extra Plank Pack ... Unlocked ...
  • Lofty Stone Tower 10 x 10" ... Unlocked ...
  • Cathedral 10 x 10" ... Locked ...
  • Stair/Bridge/River Pack ... Locked ...
  • Burning Building Pack ... Locked ...
  • Iron Foundry 10 x 10" ... Locked ...
  • Dark Alley Pack ... Locked ...
  • Prison Towers 10 x 10" ... Locked ...
  • Gallows Square 10 x 10" ... Locked ...
  • Ballista ... Locked ...


I have a small business as a solo artist making tiles, tokens and boards for RPG's and this is an ambitious attempt to give the world a fantastic rooftop tile set for chase scenes, thieves guilds, rogues, villains, vampires, street urchins, lookouts and more. 

The concept is to allow a large set of varied types of rooftop to be laid down to form a physical representation of a town/city with the user either creating planks/ladder tiles to bridge the buildings and create pathways for thieves/rogues/assassins etc to traverse or pledge to my project to unlock individual timber/ladder tiles for this purpose. Each tile is reversible allowing a day and night scene for RPG adventures and can be added to via different tiles/cards to create a world for exciting chases and pursuits, exploits and escapes, simultaneously allowing action to occur on the tiled rooftops above and cobbled streets below. The tiles have been designed to maximise potential for story-telling, including multiple access/exit points, chokepoints for ambushes, elevated positions for spying, poorer district derelict buildings, stately manor side homes and city garden vs the seedier red light district, wharf-front dock and pub, thieves guild,very dark alleys/streets and even a house on fire to add more exciting plot elements.

My boards/mats/tiles are professionally produced and high-quality, I have years of experience with the manufacturing side of my business, print similar products on a regular basis and anticipate no hiccups or problems preventing the completion of this project. Please consider backing my latest venture so that I can provide gamers with the best possible equipment and room tiles for their money and their games and a sorely needed all in one highly-detailed and reversible set of rooftop tiles for both day and night time scenes. This will help me to branch out and create new exciting sets in future. 

95f9aceef67110ba953b422c7fd41862_originaDozens of Highly-Detailed Day & Night Rooftop Designs

Funding will also help me:

(A) To add a proper shopping cart to my GameTileWarehouse website to enable better service selling tiles to my customers. Without it, my customers cannot choose more than one item from my store and must contact me if they do so to organize combined postage. It is an awkward process and I would sorely love to upgrade my business model.

(B) To add more free goodies to each pledge.

© To invest time in creating more and more tiles inc. additions, add-ons, and expansions to this set (and others) - perhaps even the inside of the buildings underneath which the rooftops will cap off. 

(D) To help purchase a more powerful graphics-oriented computer that does not freeze randomly thereby destroying my work at frequent intervals because of its lack of memory - and is not held together by tape and stern words. I am doing all of my design on inadequate equipment amid frustrating technical issues and am having a new computer built to enable me to have the proper tools to continue my work which I dearly love and enjoy creating.

(E) While I like driving a forklift and a truck delivering steel and plasterboard for a living, it is hard back-breaking labour and it is not my passion. I would like to design game pieces for a living and funding this campaign not only helps me to move forward with that dream, it also shows me that my love of making miniature things is shared and appreciated by others and a worthwhile endeavour.

(1) The material that will be used for the Mats is 305gsm black-core matt card stock, and is 0.015" thick.

(2) The material that will be used for the Boards is 60pt chipboard covered with heavy matt finish paper and is 0.065" thick.

5fdf7857ae270f9a3bd8d8b1aeb3cfc8_origina10x10" / Other tile sizes inc. 4x4", 4x8", 2x8", 5x10", 8x8" )

If 'One-of-Everything' is what you are after, then your best option is any of the Tier 3/4 pledges depending on how many base boards you want, 62, 80 or 120 respectively as well as all the other loot that comes with it. 

 If you'd like to see more examples of my work please visit gametilewarehouse

 Thank you. & Please contact me with any questions you have about the campaign, the rewards, or anything else.

 Kind Regards, 

Kris McDermott of GTW


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