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Maledrakh's Shadows of Brimstone Heroes


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I really have far too many miniatures. At least 20, and with a further 20 inbound from the 20 kickstarters I have backed the last few years. So for 2016 I will try to crank out those minis at an elevated pace, and chalk up an even 366 -one for each day - finished by the end of the year.

Of course, this means that to avoid spamming the excellent reaper forums with samey, production-line dross nobody really wants to see, I will not be posting each and every one done here even though the rpchallenge says I should.

Instead I will post Reaper minis and maybe some other that I find interesting enough. The rest will get pictures linked to the rpchallenge monthly post for anybody who might be interested.




I am pushing to finish off the Shadows of Brimstone game sets, and without further ado, here are the


Heroes of The Shadows of Brimstone!




City of the Ancients:

Saloon Girl - Bandido - U S Marshal - Gunslinger





Swamps of Death

Lawman - Rancher - Indian Scout - Preacher



For some reason, I always gravitate towards the monsters and creatures in a game such as this, and I find the heroes to be a bit...meh, I simply do not find them all that interesting. This means I tend to put them off until the end. And that they tend to get somewhat uninspired paint jobs... And it must be said that they do look much better IRL when not magnified like in the pictures.


The Preacher is the same one I painted last year, and is in the picture for sake of completeness.


This completes the City of the Ancients game set.

So, all that is left is the big winged demon thing from Swamps of Death, the one that is so big it needs to squat on its haunches to be able to reach the heroes...but how to paint it?


The Heroes from both Shadows of Brimstone game sets

Flying Frog Productions

HIPS plastic

30mm bases

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