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Gnolls - technique practice : Eyes, TMM, Basing

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part of 8 gnolls.

Going about this systematically, and really work on my techniques. 


1. Paint all their eyes. 

2. when my new TMM set arrives from Scale 75, I will paint all of their armor and weapons. 

3. They all need basing, and I have at least some appropriately sized washers.  A mix of grassland and dungeon bases. 

4.  find a good tutorial for fur and work through some varieties.  (maybe)

5. finish them (maybe) 


I started with 4 copies of the base model, weapon swaped one with an axe, one with a toothpick spear,

I have bowmen, an alternate axeman and the shaman still to do. 


Putting my goals into practice I painted eyes on 5 gnolls,  (betty davis eyes) 

I gave their heads and faces a few other colors and some of the teeth. 


Some of them took several tries, and I am not sure the eye sockets are symmetrical. still I am happy with the results.





watching a fur tutorial (painting Buddha) than doing fur. 

at least on the browns, golden boy is still just a basecoat, no liner. 





Today I got my TMM set from USA Scale 75.  It comes with a cheat sheet of how to highlight an axe. 

so I did.  It may be one of my best weapons.   The armor is more my standard quality, all the little scales remind me or recent dragons, just much smaller.  The armor will see more work. 



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Nice work!

How do you like the Scale 75 Metallics?




they are terrific.  Thanks for all the advice I got from you and others on the scale 75 thread.

I haven't had trouble mixing them by hand shaking yet, but it sounds like I am going to need agitators eventually.


Its the small shifts in color, before I had gunmetal and, silver as my metallics, and would fight to add black or white while maintaining the metallic shimmer. 

now I am using a 5 color mix, and know which order to use them in.  Its so much easier. 

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I never knew what a Gnoll was until a few days ago and this is awesome. I'm about to start painting one of mine and this has been great inspiration 

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I may have an addiction. 

worked on this guy last night and then went into flow state panting for the last two hours as well. 


needs a few more fur highlights and his arm-brace thing painted, its just got a metallic base-coat atm. 





hmm not sure what I was going for with the middle of the shield, I will tone that down a bit.  It looks like paladin level shiny. 

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Apparently Tuesdays are a good day for me to paint.  

I think I am done with the first gnoll, except for basing/axe straitening.  The second gnoll is moving forward... his skirt needs some major work, more fur highlights, and I need to rework his fail.. anyone seen a chain painting tutorial? 


oh the green smear vs grey smear on the base is grassland vs dungeon basing.  I will have 5 grass/4 dungeon. 





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Pre-basing Gnolls.   The three on painting caps will be on dungeon flagstone, created from Basius (victoria) 

the last guy, and most of next month will be in grassland. 




hmm his face has hints of brown not seen in the rest of his fur.  If I add them to the rest of the fur it might add some contrast.. 









next month: 


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Tried leaving prints for feet.  

next time i will just do it straight, and carve the feet more carefully. 



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Further progress as I move into the Outside Bases part of the gnoll clan.

I took a painting class from Michael Proctor, and felt like I learned a lot.  

esp - color choice, base coats, under-painting for TMM and the some tips on eyes. 

Not sure I am going the right direction on basing, but this time I will do 1-2 at a time and see how each technique works. 

The first set was based on washers that were slightly larger than 40mm, this tiny base looks strange under the cork. 




Based on a striped hyena, this guy was fun to paint. 

You can see how the eyes moved away from centered.



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Finally finished the set.... 

I think I learned a lot doing so many similar models very slowly. 

my eyes and basing have improved since the beginning of the year.  Not sure about my TMM. 


The leader I practiced a "Lit from the front" technique and rushed the basing. It is one level higher than the others, as if standing on a hill. 

I cut off his half his staff as a jury-rigged bone staff it looked silly, and unusable as a weapon.  Magic wands are cheaper and I can see a gnoll having one, 






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      So, just what happens when you take the desire to paint some sort of armoured vehicle or tank, and a rather fondness for gnolls?  Well, you say screw it, let's see what would happen if gnolls STOLE A TANK!  (and a LAV).
      This definitely isn't going to be NATO greens, or even remotely close to JGSDF colours.  Green may be involved at some point, but not any actual real world colouration patterns...
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      ^Okay, didn't quite realize the words "challenge accepted" would actually mean I'd have a decent sized challenge on my hands.  Looks like my initial ideas are moderately out the window, or, uh.... Stuck in said window.  Original idea was for dual knives/stabby blades gnoll to be the LAV's driver, with Blacktongue poking out of the gunner's hatch...  And for the tank, Toghra to be poking out of the commander's hatch directing things....  And then Krokuta and others hanging out in the back or off of the back of either vehicle...  I... Uhh... Might be rethinking a few things.
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      Let's start with the LAV, as for some reason that one keeps really snagging my attention, as well as ideas and inspiration...

      ^Wait a moment, the Pathfinder Deep Cuts ones are noticeably shorter...  Well now.  He'll fit, more or less, and with some work I could probably get dual stabby guy poking out of the roof....

      ^Two-ish hours of arduous assembly later (it's my first time doing up a model kit AND my first time using plastic glue, and there's six bajillion parts for some reason), and we're looking at this.  Dashboard isn't attached, and the bases have been trimmed off of the two gnolls in question in order to better fit them.  This is my basic premise... And where I left off last night.

      ^So first off, a basic test fit of the larger, stabbier gnoll.  He barely fits... Good.  Things will get tighter once the hatches go in, but I'll worry about that when that particular time comes...

      ^A while with some tools, and we're now here.  Ignore the crooked dashboard, that happens when it's just sitting in place...

      ^Currently how things are looking in order for me to mostly fit the driver in.  As eagle eyes might notice, I'm going to have to redo the legs, or more appropriately, the LOOK of legs.  Since they tuck down into an area where they won't be seen, I went for the cruder approach.  Sure, it isn't as pretty, but I did specifically purchase these minis with the impression that there might be some cutting involved...  Odds are though he won't be keeping the axe (that formerly was a polearm or halberd?).
      So that's where things are at the moment...
      I've also been thinking about how to explain the smaller sized gnoll, and how he's part of the raiding party, since they're known for being more of a cruel society, especially to outsiders.  Well, in short?  I've come up with the basic premise that the smaller ones not only survive through perseverance, but also since they're smaller, they're able to get into tighter nooks and crannies, and therefore picked up skills that would make them not only useful to raiding parties, but also considered an essential, even valued partner.  That's right, they taught themselves... to HOTWIRE VEHICLES.  Sure, there are many ways of building vehicles, but it's nowhere near as much fun as just outright stealing them from someone else, and then using such for their raids, and cause a great deal of mischief and mayhem, potentially being able to raid even more through the initial confusion...
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      @malefactus sent me some old Games Workshop plastic night goblins, and instead of putting them together properly I decided to stick the heads on the bodies of some Frostgrave plastic gnolls.

      There's another one but he's badly unbalanced (in more ways than one) and keeps falling over. 
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      Since I've been working on gathering the forces for Frostgrave, with "Into the Breeding Pits" being out, I had to work on a ton of Gnolls!  

      All of these are from the official Frostgrave line by North Star Miniatures.
      The groups, both in plastic and metal:

      Gnoll Templar:

      Gnoll Apothecary:

      Gnoll Thief:

      Gnoll Marksman:

      Gnoll Barbarian:



      Treasure Hunters/Trap Experts/Tunnel Fighters:




      Gnoll Crossbowmen:


      Gnoll Archers:



      Templars and Infantrymen:



    • By Lidless Eye
      I may have bitten off more than I can chew:

    • By alchemist
      As I threatened last week, here is another batch of old enamel paintjobs from around 15-25 years ago.


      Mind Flayers





      Finally, some fairies linked here in case anyone has a problem with a teeny-tiny glimpse of fairy flesh.
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