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So I have dove into the first conversion for my super hero project, turning Dr Dread into his muse: Dr. Doom.


If you haven't checked this guy out, he scales very well with 28mm truescale, but would be small compared to some of the more heroic ranges out there.  I have included a comparison pic with a Hasslefree mini.


Today saw the basic cape added.  I have some clean up to do once it cures.


I tried to make his cape billow in the same general way the wind has moved his tabard, I think I did capture it.


Comments appreciated, updates to come as I manage to find time to post it.


More rambling about this project on my blog.




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I managed to do a bit more sculpting on Dr Doom this morning.


I find working on hoods to be difficult except with a dismembered head, so I decided to work in stages.


The big triangular gaps will have greenstuff laid over once it is cured.  I like the profile, and am very happy with the droopy pointy hood as it matches most of the artwork.  I will go back and make it a smoother transition from top to back with the next stage too.  Rather than folding it flat against the hood, I wanted it to stand out like it is supposed to be peaked.


I did smooth out the rough spots with blade and file on the cape.  I decided against making the edges tattered.  Although wearing a cape in battle would result in tears and fraying, he is the dictator of a 2nd world nation...I am sure he has at least three staff whose livelihood (and lives) are based on giving him a fresh cloak whenever his becomes damaged or dirty.




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Thanks for all the positive feedback.


The hood cured enough for me to move onto the sides.  I also fixed the transition from top to peak so the profile is exactly how I want it.


Since taking the pics I cleaned up a couple of the marks seen in these pictures.  I have never done stage by stage pics while converting or sculpting before and I see it as a huge benefit.  Nothing like seeing the figure at 12" to see your mistakes.


Once fully cured, I will move onto the collar and brooches.


A managed to get a post up with some more thoughts on this project on my blog plus a few other things I have been working on, if you are interested.




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Got the chain done and the front edges of his cape.


I guess waiting for the cable guy is good after all...a day free to work on a miniature.


Once I add his brooches he should be done.  I can't decide if his right foot is miscast (as I first suspected) as I keep looking at it and see all the details.


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After the putty somewhat cured, I did the detailed work of slicing down some plastic rod and pressing it into the putty.  I secured it by putting a dab of superglue on top.  I did a bit of trimming and filing on the edges of the hood to taper it down some more.


Once the glue has dried and the putty set completely I will fill in the holes in his brooches.


I also did putty in his foot as it looked a bit miscast after all.  Again, thanks to the pics I noticed my mistake on the foot and touched it up afterwards.


And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the final conversion.  I will go back over the fig with a file and blade, but it is pretty much onto painting from here.


I will also post my other conversions on here too, although some are less involved than others.



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