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Today saw me finding a bit of time to paint.


I hand primed Dr. Doom to look for mold lines.  I saw only one, but it is too minor and difficult to take off with my billowy cape.


I painted his eyes, which was the most fiddly and did the basic blocking out of colours.  I tend to go darker than my final shade by about two shades.  I also see the chain will need some creative brush work.  I missed a few minor details where the links join so I will have to paint them in instead of just relying on a wash.


Although tough to see, his cloak and tabard are actually a dark shade of green.  Surrounded by grey it just blends into it.



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I grabbed a brush while I had a bit of spare time today and here is where Dr. Doom ended up.


I did my base colour for the cloak with a couple of shades wetblending for highlights.


I also added in a couple of shades of highlights to the armour.  I tried leaving the shadowed areas darker (including his face).  I think I did a pretty good job on the face as I kept turning it to get it in the light before realizing it was under direct light.  Good enough to fool me, but I was rushed.


I think the gold chain and brooches are done.  I added in the brighter and darker shading to accentuate the chain effect.


I should mention I am avoiding metallic for this entire project.  Not necessarily going NMM, but giving the impression of it much like in comics.


I am not sure where else I should try working on him, but he doesn't just feel finished yet.  None of heroes (villains) will be based until I decide on the concept.  Any other suggestions?



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