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Froggy the Great

Randomness VIII: The Great Green Arkleseizure

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I need some happy surprises now.

Have some traditional tiger comfort food my friend.






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Gaudeamus igitur,


Iuvenes dum sumus?


You're only as young as you feel, and I am dang right frisky..and I'm retired !

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The important thing is, it's probably not a dream.

And if I'm wrong and it IS a dream, we need better standards. We could all be superheroes, or lava dwellers, or aquanauts or something.

Buglips, goblin philosopher :huh:

If a tree falls in the woods, and nobody is around to hear it fall, will a druid kill you in your sleep? What is the sound of one sword stabbing? Can Crom create an enemy so heavy even Conan couldn't lift it? What is the meaning of extra life?


These questions, and how they get the smooth-flowing caramel inside a Caramilk bar, are the deep introspections which occupy my free time.

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TGP: I don't want anything to wind up in beekeepers, so I'll just say: Some people (those complaining about the kids playhouse) are morons.

It really does depend on a few things.

When are the kids making this noise?

Is it late at night when the other people are trying to sleep?

Do the other people work nights and need to sleep during the day?

I know some people who can sleep threw a metal concert but not in a room full of talking people so the music might not mean anything to these questions.


They probably should have tried to get a tall noise baffling fence out of the HOA first though.

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So exactly when did this nonsense of school buses picking up each kid at their front door start? When I was a kid I had to walk a couple of blocks to the bus stop. I'm not talking about little kids, either; these were jr high school/high school aged kids.

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The bus stopped for every kid when I was growing up but I lived in the country so not insignificant distance between stops.

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Back in my day we had to crawl through three miles of bobwire to get to school, and we didn't even have school.

Up cliffs in both directions too.
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Good morning everyone! Loving the new digs... That green guy at the beginning of the thread is a little weird though... he should fit right in!!


So long randomness Vll and thanks for all the fish.

Hellloooooo randomness Vlll

I have good news and sad news.
I'll do the sad news first.
My friends dogs got into a horrible fight. The one that started it had to be put down, she'd always been a little off but she was Jean's late husbands dog so she was reluctant to do it sooner. Even after a lot of training Kai just wasn't right in the head. Unfortunately, Dutchess passed away during surgery. So today's been pretty sucky.

The good news- My cousin who lost her 8 month old baby girl in a horrible accident last year is pregnant again with another girl. Nothing can take the place of our sweet Georgia peach but a little bundle of sunshine is sure a happy thing to look forward to.

That sad news is very sad.  :down:

The good news is very good!!


Thanks for all the AV recommendations given back in VII guys.

Some totally random things:

•Liberia has been certified Ebola free.

•The USN got its 10 sailors back.

•There are peoples (in the county adjacent to Reaper) suing their neighbors because the neighbor's 4 kids play too loud, in their backyard, in their playhouse.

The household with the four kids is counter suing the kid-hating household because they didn't appreciate the NSFW, head banging, German heavy metal that the kid-haters played loudly to drive the kids out of the playhouse.

There is an HOA.
The HOA approved the playhouse. Officially.
The playhouse has more papers than an AKC registered dog.

Go Liberia!

Yay Diplomacy!

WTFBBQ?!? So glad I don't have a HOA... or bad neighbors anymore!!



TGP: I don't want anything to wind up in beekeepers, so I'll just say: Some people (those complaining about the kids playhouse) are morons.


 It... may be time for Jack to go to bed... :wacko::blink:

The first time I read that as "Mormons". And laughed so hard I nearly passed out. I still have tears coming out of my eyes... My stomach hurts. I may throw up. My nose is running.

Jack has officially lost his <expletive>. :rolleyes:




Okay, Jack's head is reasonably back to what passes for an off-brand replica knockoff of what passes for imitation processed sanity food for him.


I may never be able to read the word "Mormons" again without picturing them offensively blasting obscenity-laced German metal and filing frivolous lawsuits against children, though...


HAHAHAHAH!!!!!  That's fantastic!!


 It's going to take some getting used to, having this thread pinned. It's not where I keep expecting it to be when I check to see if there are any new posts...



Edit: Yeah... Sculpting teeth one-at-a-time because the whole damn figure's only 15mm tall and even with a tool whose tip is probably a fifth of a millimeter thick, it's still too big to do the spaces between the teeth properly without pushing them all out of shape... And I can still barely see it looking through two magnifiers taped together. And then it probably doesn't even matter that I'm trying to sculpt in a house where the heat is set to only 58 degrees because I'm pretty sure I just don't have the coordination to do it any better even if my hands weren't stiff. :rolleyes:

Yay!! Not alone in the 58 club!!



It's Friday...finally.

And the start of my work week...


And the start of my weekend!!  :bday:  :bday:


Coffee time...

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