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Randomness VIII: The Great Green Arkleseizure

Froggy the Great

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Caught up on the last 26hours or so....






So it's a way of saying "doesn't taste like much of anything" then? Or, "with ketchup, tastes like ketchup"?


Sorta like rat, then? :ik_oops:

Or Kobold? :huh:

Kobolds are poisonous. Seriously. If you consume kobold it will kill your character.


Gnomes, hobbits, newts, jackals, rothes... those are all safe to eat.


[[ This Public Service Announcement Sponsored by The Wizard of Yendor ]]

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So, I'm studying my medical coding stuff right now, and I came across the following guideline: "While specific diagnosis codes should be reported when they are supported by the available medical record documentation and clinical knowledge of the patient's health condition, there are instances when signs/symptoms or unspecified codes are the best choices for accurately reflecting the healthcare encounter."


My very first thought was: "Oh, so that's what I'd use for a dinosaur bite. That makes sense, since there's no code for that yet." *nods wisely*


...I think I may have been studying too long today. :lol:



--OneBoot :D


Alligators and crocodiles are sorta, kinda, almost, a little bit but not really if you stretch your imagination a bit, dinosaurs. :upside:

Alligators and crocodiles are members of the group Archosauria, technically a subclass of reptile, although since birds are the other living members, the old meaning looks more and more nonsensical.


Dinosaurs and pterosaurs were also archosaurs, though, so it's not quite as big a stretch as all that.


Alligator and crocodile ancestors had feathers, by the way.

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Morning all!


I just tried maple syrup soda....

Which reminds me, that hard root beer I bought yesterday?

Very nice root beer initial flavor...

...followed by a how-Band-Aids-would-taste-based-on-their-smell after-taste. Very medicinal.

And I put the brand name there because it was very specific in my mind. Not Curex, Band-Aid.

So... I'm going to have to find some adventurous relatives to dump the stuff on.

Oh, look at the time. The beds are a callin'.


Okay, gotta ask.... which brand of hard root beer? I've tried a couple, and some are definitely better than others. 


NZ: Maple syrup soda... saw that in the grocery store. Said "NOPE!" and moved on. Glad someone tried it though. 


ShadowRaven: Sucks man... *hamster paw-bump of solidarity and support*

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I don't have an opinion one way or the other re: Sapir-Whorf hypothesis.




This is kinda cool...


Couldn't See Blue Until Modern Times?

I don't know about that hypothesis.


Yes, the Egyptians had blue dyes -- and blue pigments too. But so did the ancient Chinese. And there are blue cave paintings of Buddhist images in central Asia. And blue fabrics were common across Eurasia ( I don't know as much about African and American and Australian textile dyes).


It seems to me that people were sort of aware of blue even if they had fewer words for it.


And "wine-dark sea" is a really cool and evocative phrase, even if the pedants can point out that wine is reddish-purple, not blue.

What if over the last 9000 years or so humans have been gradually evolving better "...color-sensitivity..." [?] "...color-discernment..." ?


I had an uncle who was what we call 'color-blind'. What if people more like him were the norm 8000 years ago? What if lots of people had monochromatic vision only 12000 years ago?


We call it 'color-blindness' now but what if we ought to rethink this a bit? Perhaps consider color-sensitivity a genetically influenced capability that has many variations — a broad spectrum of variation.


Tetrachromatic is a new word: http://www.popsci.com/article/science/woman-sees-100-times-more-colors-average-person. ...someone has coined to explain the woman in the linked article.

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DB, it is "Not your fathers root beer", done by Small Town Brewery from Wisconsin.


And reading the label, it says it is beer blended with spices. Huh. Little disappointed. Now maybe they are all like that, but should I find a true hard root beer, I'd be willing to try another. But if they are all like that, I'd rather just have the beer.


Which might explain why the store has had it front and center as people walk in. Trying to get rid of it.


Kids are going to be super upset today. Looks like the "less than an inch" turned into three or four, and a lot of schools are closed. Except theirs. Oh, they aren't going to school today. It's their spring break.

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I tried one of those 5% alcohol root beers recently. Caused me to look up the history of root beer generally — learned that "small beer" is a thing, not just an expression.


Not sure if I like the hard root beer or not.

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  • Moderator

*sends hugs and positive vibes to SR* I'm sorry you're in a funk, friend; I hope things start looking up for you soon!


@Pingo - When you mentioned "feathered crocodile," I immediately thought of the singing, be-feathered crocodile from "All Dogs go to Heaven." :lol:



--OneBoot :D

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Yeah, our <1" is now showing as 5-8" with a blizzard warning and everything closed. Well, not my work, of course (EvilHalfling lives near where I work).


With luck we'll get an early release.


the snow isn't blowing directly sideways here. Its at least 4" already, and the wife is completely off today, which makes life easier. 

aside from competition over time on the best computer. 


luckily went to the library with elder spawn yesterday and she brought home 12 books.  I bet she reads a least half today, even if the snow is good for building.

If we make something cool ill post picts. 

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